Women are just strange


Senior Don Juan
Jul 5, 2015
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My day to day activities at work, I see women almost every day, these women work on construction sites in various positions. Visited one of the sites couple times a day last week and 3 times in 1 day this week. New girl in the site office I walk in she just stares, quiet as a church mouse, young girl I'd say mid 20s, couldn't give her full eye contact she's shy and nervous. When I did finally get her to talk she squeaked like a mouse, WTF I'm not that hard to talk to.

This afternoon a cute woman doing some environmental work on one of the jobsites, never seen this woman in my life soon as she sees me gives me direct eye contact her eyes light up like 100w light bulbs, talk about smile, she never stopped smiling and staring. Clearly she liked what she was looking at I talked to her a little bit all she could really do is giggle. No point in going any further than talking to her she's from out of town 100s of kilometers away.

Later on in the afternoon I finally talked to this other woman that's on one of the work sites she's been giving me the eyes I sort of know her from years past. Decided I better break the ice make her feel better, feel that I'm not ignoring her on purpose, she was doing the typical nervous girl stuff, she's in a relationship, the way she was talking I got the feeling she would branch swing if you dangled some bananas. Would I get involved with her? no, is she cute? ya, the red flag vibes I got from her in the past is still there.

I interact with women daily I have some that get excited to see me, have some that hate my guts and give me the death stare, then I have the married ones that are not so happy in their marriage. I like talking to them, flirting etc but that's as far as I'm going to take it, never get that feeling I would like to spend the rest of my life with her. Most today are use them for sex and that's it, you have to put up and endure so much BS its not worth the effort to get laid. There is so many turn offs with women now, like insecurity, hiding mental illness problems, seems like every woman now suffers from anxiety issues, you've got the feminism and entitlement bull****. I see guys getting out of relationships where they had to endure h*ll for the poon let me tell you their health has improved.


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