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Women And There Attraction To Men......

Prettyboy Dee

Jan 6, 2020
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Atlanta, Ga
Women's sexual preferences are influenced by their hormonal cycle. When you look at the levels or progesterone and testosterone in conjunction with their menstrual cycles this makes sense. As a guy in a long term relationship, you can make this work for you by timing everything just right (ie. you will know when you're going to have mind blowing sex with her and when you should demonstrate your sensitive side).

Facial features play a big role in symmetry, aesthetics, etc. but a very small role in human reproduction. This may seem strange but that's b/c you've been socially conditioned to believe facial aesthetics are all there is to physical attraction. If this were true then the "buttaface" would not exist. A buttaface is a woman you find sexually attractive and can definitely cause you to copulate with her but your objection is to her facial features. In short, a buttaface would not deter your reproductive mechanism but *might* deter you from acting out on that by not choosing to copulate with her. In other words, you will feel cognitive dissonance b/c there's a primal urge to bang her but her face is just nasty to you.

The basics of human reproduction revolve around characteristics that define the person as someone who has the genetic traits necessary to produce healthy strong children. For women this revolves around the behavioral as a reflection of a man's dominance. For men this revolves around the physical as a reflection of a woman's fertility.

Facial aesthetics are a secondary attribute. The more feminine features a woman has, the more likely she's fertile. The more masculine features a man has, the more likely he's dominant.

But like I said its secondary. Would you bang that obese girl with a feminine facial features? Probably not. Would a girl bang the guy with zero confidence and social ability but with a built up body and handsome face? Probably not, she will friend zone him though.