Why we sleep


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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Fellas, i came across JRE podcast with Dr Matthew Walker. I've watched it a ton of times before purchasing the book. It is one of the top ten books I've read in my life. This is coming from a fella who reads more than a book a week. Probably closer to more thsn 60 a year.

I am probably biased given my predisposition eith insomnia. I have been doing pickup for the better part of a decade (in between relations, biz, life etc). In my teens and twenties, i woukd fo all night(ers) without consequences. At 30, ****KKK THAT. I use to burn it to the ground. At 30, no chance I compromise 8hrs of deep sleep. No women are worthy of me compromising my sleep. The results has been staggering.

My lifts have been ridiculous. I have in the past noticed a 60% decrease in output of performance in the gym. In terms of biz, I have worked 50% less than I did the year before and I have made more money. I contribute the following to deeper REM sleep aiding in the following. I have seen a significant improvement in cognitive function. I noticed more attention to women. I have seen more people reciprocate to my advances. I have been more aware of subtle little things. I have seen how much of a difference sleep makes.

The book was incredible. I cannot stress enough about the value of the book. I have really worked on self care. Sleep game on point has been a goal of mine last year. In 2019, I want to crank it up a notch. I still struggle to get the full 8hrs sometimes.

I no longer workout late at night. I am more aware about my caffeine sensitivity so, i refrain from intake after dinner. I bought new bedding, 1500 thc Egyptian cotton sheets, new duvet, a sleep mask, and a few pillows. One body pillow, a bamboo pillow, and a tempurpedic cooling gel pillow. I have a year old bed. In a year I will buy a tempurpedic bed.

Anyway, I have a renewed love for sleep. If you won't read a book, get the audible, and listen on the commute to work.

I likely will continue to bump this thread.