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Why she should blow you


Master Don Juan
Jul 22, 2008
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Found this on The Red Pill:


This is long, there are no cliffs, and it is worth the read.

Why your wife/girlfriend needs to suck your ****.

This might be hard to believe; I know a lot of you have spent your life being told that men and women are equal. You've probably 'dated' a girl, casually, while still living in separate places and all that jazz. You might still believe in this equality bull****. But let me tell you how things are going to go.

You are going to meet a girl and you are going to like her. You'll want to spend time with her, you'll want to bang her. At some point, while you are spending time with her and banging her (or possibly before) either she'll ask you 'Where this is going' or you'll ask her out because you want to 'stake your claim'. Either way, you'll be 'dating'.

After a while, but most often when your life's situation changes...after college for most, when you two are ready to settle down, but could be earlier; it'll just 'make sense' to move in together. Hell you might even jump straight to marriage.

When you are casually dating, you might not notice the inequalities...they are tiny.
Sure, you pay for more than your fair share of stuff and you do more than your fair of stuff for her. She tends to have more problems than you and she never can really help with your problems anyway. When there are favors, more often than not, she'll be the one requesting them and you'll just happen to be the one better suited to do them.

But you aren't together all that often, you hardly notice/hardly mind.

But just wait. Once you are together...you'll see. For the vast majority of guys (STATISTICAL FACT - SCREW OFF FEMINAZIs) are going to make more money than their girl, they are going to spend more time at work than their girl, they are going to DO MORE for their girl, they are going to spend more on their girl.

In this day and age, you'll be lucky if your girl cooks dinner. Most girls seem to think equality means sharing the 'girl chores' and letting you do all the guy chores. When it's time to move into a new place, you'll see who is carrying all the **** (YOU ARE). When it comes to money, you'll see who is getting screwed (YOU ARE). Etc, etc, etc....

Women are attracted to a lot in a man, and a lot of that is long term relationship crap like how good of a Father you will be, how you are able to 'provide' for your family and that jazz.

Men, want a girl who is hot and will suck on our ****s. That's about it.

As you age, your girl won't be hot. If you get married at 25 and die at 75; for HALF of your marriage your girl is going to be a nasty ass 50+ year old lady.

You....you on the other hand will continue to make more money, spend more money, put in more time and effort than your single male equivalents to provide a better life for you wife and your children. Married men put in more hours than women or single men. You'll be expected to keep busting your ass from marriage until retirement to buy her ****.

My point is, guys bring a hell of a lot more to the table than women in a typical relationship. If your girl won't suck your **** now, when she's young, fit, and hot....you've really got to ask yourself what kind of long term investment she is? If she's not a long term thing; why not be having flings with slutty chicks who are freaks in bed? Dump her. If she is a long term thing....why? Why would you stay with a chick who is unwilling to let you enjoy one of the best things a guy can enjoy? She won't let you do it with any other chicks...right? But she won't do it to you? A BJ make take 30 minutes. 30 little minutes of mild unpleasantness (assuming she doesn't like it)....30 minutes of a slightly sore jaw....and that is too much for her to give you?

It says a whole lot about how she really feels.

And if she feels that way now, believe me, it won't change. But she, and all of society, is going to expect you to keep raising that bar. Go ask a married guy over 30 or a divorced guy over 30 just how much having a woman costs these days. Seriously. Every guy I've ever talked to will agree - they'd have a butt load more money and do a butt load less bull**** if not for their wives.
Why give up all that for a chick who can't be bothered enough to suck your ****?

I've seen it happen, I've even had it happen. It's not that girls are evil, it's that they believe what society told them. Watch a chick flick...sit down and watch ANY CHICK FLICK and keep a pad of a paper and write down everything stupid the girl does and everything stupid the guy does. And then, notice how, at the end of the movie the guy runs back to the girl - almost always he gives up something he loves, to do so. Even though the girl did far more bull**** stuff. That's what girls 'think' is 'right'. They really think you should *owe* them, just for them letting you f**** them whenever they are in the mood.

Here's what you do. $30 dollars an hour is the equivalent of $60k a year. 60k a year for an unskilled job with no qualifications is UNHEARD OF. That is the ABSOLUTE MOST you should ever consider paying for a blow job. If it typically takes you 30 minutes to bust a load...that is $15 dollars a blow job. That's the ****ING MAXIMUM....but get this, because I'm the nicest f***ing guy on the planet (and you will be too) - double it. You are going to pay your girl an AMAZING 120k salary for **** sucking. That works out to $30 dollars for a 30 minutes blow job.

So get a notebook, or better yet; get Excel. And you write down EVERYTHING you spend on your chick and you write down EVERYTHING she spends on you. Even with modern chicks who 'pay' you'll find that you are paying 70% of the time, or more. My girl pays me $400 dollars a month in rent; but 'half' of the rent/utilities here would mean she should be paying me $700 dollars. That means, each month - not even looking at anything else, she owes me $300 dollars. That's 10 ****ing blow jobs.

On top of that, each week we go out to dinner and movie; or maybe just rent some flicks and stay in. I pay 3/4ths of the time...and that **** adds up fast. Minimum of another $200 dollars a month.

On top of that, big item purchases always come from me - and it's not just me - it'll be you too, in a few years. New kitchen - 3k, hell I paid 14k when I bought the house. That's a ****-ton of blow jobs.

A CONSERVATIVE estimate is that my girl is averaging a net gain of about $800 dollars a month. And in the other non-monetary ways you can measure this ****, I still do more than her. When we moved, my ass carried the heavy ****; because I'm the guy. When we go shopping, I carry all her ****, again, because I'm the guy. When she's got a problem, I listen to her, because I'm the guy. When I have a problem, I deal with my own ****. I can't remember the last thing I asked her to do for me, but I can tell you 5 things she's asked me (that I've been more than happy to do) JUST since the 1st of the month.

When it comes to sex, she likes it just as much as I do. That's a wash. It's a tie. I don't get anything more than she does.
What the hell can she possibly do to make up the imbalance?


When you look at it logically, it's a complete and utter joke that this is even an issue for any guy in any typical guy/girl relationship. So, seriously, don't sit back and be like 'Oh, whatever, I can live the rest of my life without a blow job'. Go tell your girl straight up, how it is, and how it is going to be. My girl gets ALL THAT; at least $800 dollars a month in cash she shouldn't have, and all the other **** I do above and beyond the **** she does for me....and all I want in return is some **** sucking. That's it. In let's face it, in 10 years she'll be a middle aged soccer mom. In 20 years there is no way in hell she'll still be hot. I'm giving her the ****ing deal of a lifetime here, and all she has to do is give me a weekly blow job and I'm happy.

Jesus ****ing christ - that is an amazing deal for her. 30 minutes of sucking the **** of the man you supposedly love and want to marry; and in exchange you get all that? I'm sorry, but, I just don't care how small her mouth is or how bad it tastes. 2 hours a month for $800 dollars (+)...that is $400 dollars an hour. That works out to a salary of 800k a year. That is more money than she can make any where else. When you look at it like this, logically, with actual values....if your girl isn't sucking your **** and if half of what I said applies to you; you should be OUTRAGED.

Explain it to her, hell print this out and give it to her. I was in your shoes 6 months ago or so and I finally just said, 'No more of this ****. If you love me, if you love what I give you and what I do for you, if you really want to be with me for the rest of our lives....you can ****ing deal with a sore mouth for 30 minutes every week. And if you get good at it, it'd only take 20'. My girl got pissed as ****.

And then she sucked my ****.


Master Don Juan
Aug 24, 2014
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Thanks for the read. I will look for a girl who is far more wealthy then myself, that way I win. Thanks.


Master Don Juan
Dec 9, 2013
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OR your girl feels Inclined to suck your d1ck because you're a high value male. And she's compelled to please you.

WTF is this nonsense you're spouting?

What's happening to SS man.

Down the drain...down the drain man.


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Apr 26, 2006
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Northeast Florida, USA
My ex wife (the real one not the bigamist) could give a blow j0b that literally made my eyeballs turn 360 degrees. Sense her I have found no woman who can even do it a tenth as good. So bjs really aren't my preference anymore . still, every so often I insist on getting one for one single reason: its for me and not her. Its her paying me for what I do for her. And I am entitled to it. My last gf said "I don't like giving bjs" so I made her do it more than I otherwise would have just cuz she complained about it .


Master Don Juan
Jun 25, 2013
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Let her faking blow thé first hour yout met her, set thé tone Let her know its absolutley normal, hell Let her blow before you even f##ck her. Enjoy sex to thé max