when they twist it around to make out you dumped them.

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Dec 13, 2015
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Hi guys,first post here, il be honest my heads mashed!

Met a girl online 4 months ago, did he whole dating thing, slept with her on the 5th date, a stunning little blonde, best piece ive ever had. We seemed to get on really well, met her parents. The usual sh*t. Was never needy, let her live her life how ever she wanted, as any decent guy should do, we even went away for a weekend, basically f*cked for 48 hours.

Things became exclusive about 6 weeks ago but she always said at the time she didn't want things to change and that she wasn't ready for a relationship.(which tells me now after signing up here that she didn't want a label but just a good f*ck when she felt like it) but at the time insisted that I didn't see anyone else.. She would always tell me how she was falling for me and it was scary how much she liked me, il admit it, when I heard this I did say similar things. I may have gone to 4/10 on the p*ssy scale. I was never needy though.

We saw each other once a week, but the last few weeks it's Been me asking when she's free and she only seemed to be free Sunday's for lunch, pathetic I know.

2 weeks ago she said she struggled to find the time for me but was trying to. Anyway after I backed off and let her come to me which she did do for a while and tried to set dates last Tuesday she messaged me saying "we need to talk, I don't really look forward to seeing you as you seem to look forward to seeing me" and " I don't think I've got time for a relationship."

Bull I know, so I didn't beg, didn't get mad just said ok no problem, sorry you feel like that, if that's the way it is then it won't work, I wish you well.
Then she says "so are you ending it then?"
I was like " you've just said all this surely you've just ended it" she never replied and that is that.

She split from her LTR in May of this year and he cheated on her for the girl he still lives with, she's brought him up from the start and still until last week was tweeting about deleting all his messages and photos because she felt the "time was right" her head is clearly f*cked.

I've gone straight to no contact, I won't be begging or chasing, that's it now. I'm gutted but **** happens. I know I was a rebound even though she said I wasn't. I was just wondering if this is a common thing for girls to do? Basically don't have the balls to end things the right way? She's 21 and I'm 25 so that could be a reason. And if she texts me for any reason how do I approach this?
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Nov 9, 2015
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I think yes, I-ve been thinking a lot about my last breakup and I can trace signs of things being low as far as 4 months before. So yeah, they can have made a decission but they won-t dump you until they find another **** or something like that.


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Aug 13, 2008
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''I don't really look forward to seeing you as you seem to look forward to seeing me'' = You don't make my gina tingle anymore
"I don't think I have time for a relationship" = I don't have time for a relationship with YOU
"so are you ending it then?" = Please end it so I don't feel guilty for breaking up with you and hopping straight onto Brad's c0ck

You need to go no contact. Don't reply to her texts or calls and next time don't be so needy. I know you think you weren't but I can smell it from here. Did you happen to initiate the exclusivity? Did you tell her exactly how you feel? I'm thinking yes..

Forget this one and go read the bible.