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What To Do?


Master Don Juan
Feb 28, 2021
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She reached out today.

I declined her offer for dinner with her and her cousin, and I countered by suggesting we meet up afterwards (with sex strongly implied).

She replied, "I would if I were not still on my period", no counter offer (which isn't ideal).

She's a few days into her period, so I'll try for a few more days from now.
Girls who are really into you sexually would at least offer to suck your d!ck.

You should be at least dating other women besides this one, dude.


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May 14, 2023
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Probably to nearly no one's surprise, this ended rather terribly.

Thank God I wasn't anywhere nearly as emotionally invested in her as last time.

I started to re-catch more of my past feelings as it dragged on, unfortunately.

So it still hurt.

And was very frustrating.

She continued to treat me with disrespect, I tried to correct that behaviour, she ignored completely my attempts change the frame, and she escalated the disrespect.

Went on another sort-of-date tonight, which she again changed the terms of part way through.

When we finally were about to get going out alone together (where we would hook up), she pulled the rug and said she wanted to go bed (alone) instead.

Leading up to this, the past few days, she teased me saying she wanted to but couldn't because of her period.

I was preparing a short message to end things with her afterwards, she sent hers first, ending it with me.

I responded with a final message, basically let her know that I didn't appreciate the way she treated me, and blocked her everywhere.

Never should have given her a chance to burn me again.
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Master Don Juan
Nov 23, 2022
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I would take her out of my fwb drawer, and put her in my fuk buddy drawer.

Too much over analyzing on your part.

Identify where she stands with you, and treat her accordingly.

If you had a rotation, these things tend to be easy decisions.