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Don Juan
Dec 27, 2002
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Im debating what to do from hear...in my previous posts i mentioned a girl who preened her hair at me...well i got her #..and ive talked to her in person 3 times since...everytime we talked wed talk for like 10-15 min....so anyway it seems like everytime i talk to her she is game for a date but when i call her cell # she has never answered except for one time...when she said im in the middle of a movie can i call you back... I was lke sure...but i didnt wait by the phone cause that would be AFC...anyway today i met a 7 and got he # and i figure ill Dj this 7 but the question still remains...where do i go with Elaine...the other girl? I got a feeling shes testing me out...but damn...its been like a month since I saw her last..im figuring i should just rip her numer up and trash it...but then i have a little voice telling me to be patient and wait until i see her again...What should i do????


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Master Don Juan
Feb 4, 2003
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Florida State Univ.
Don't waste your time. You're putting too much effort into one girl. I'm sure some lame guys on this board will tell you to keep hanging on, but not everyone here really understands what they're talking about. Stop calling. Forget about her. If she calls, be very friendly but unavailable. She might try to arrange a get-together with you as a test. Continue to be unavailable. Turn the game around on her. If she never calls, then you've saved yourself some valuable time. Focus on the new girl and the other thirty girls you could be talking to every day.


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2003
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In this Economy?
yea if she aint testin u then she dont care bout u

so NEXT her and move on

if she calls great if not her loss

please tell me u aint drinkin by yourself?