War on masculinity


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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I am big on pickup. More importantly, I think for myself. Going full retard got blanc kicked off planet earth. More accurately, a 5 country ban plus the comedy of his apology on cnn. YouTube for lulz since, arguably the best pua now pivoted into self help and wears a cape. Apparently, peacock theory on steroids lol

Now, i enjoy rsd but they down play the seriousness of the media scandal blaming the mainstream. The ownership is on individual not the group (unless woman then you get out if jail free card). You cannot do what Blanc did nor advocated given the amount of retards, cucjs, betas, abd angry inceks. The prevalence of autism and mental health issues combined with imitating behaviour is terrifying especially if a rape victim or anything rapey.

Ironically enough, to date, the best pua i ever saw was Blanc. The absence will create a vacuum for another pua to enter the arena especially as rsd pivots from their core base. I note, rsd blanc and i heae Tyler too, sasha Daygame, James Marshall, etc are pivoting away from pua. There's more to life.

Overcome fears, AA but be cognizant to the thibgs you do. JMLUV is a newer channel, former Tyler intern, and boasts of high kill count. The guy has been accused of rapey. I dunno especially the false accusations era of #metoo.

Just be smart. No LMR destroyers. Not in the mood means next.