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Using a wingman on OLD?


Master Don Juan
Sep 13, 2019
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Southeast USA
Again, I know nothing about OLD(aside from being old)...so, grain of salt...but, in theory, you could have your Marlboro Man buddy line 'em up, and you could accidentally bump into your "long lost buddy," while he's out on his OLD. He imposes on his date you invite you to join them, so the two of you can catch up. He talks you up for about an hour, while the 3 of you have a fun dinner. Your buddy gets an emergency call, and needs to excuse himself. He makes apologizes, but assures his date she's in good hands. Turns out the call is from his on-again-off-again ex, wishing to reconcile AGAIN. So that the night isn't a total waste, you tap in, and write the rest of the script yourself....

That could work.


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Master Don Juan
Jul 19, 2019
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The fact of the matter is that OLD is not the equal of social interactions in the real world. You are never going to achieve the same level of success as the guys on here that don’t use it, as rule of their life.

Keep using it if you want, but the fact remains that you’re using your “wingman” to attract women for you. That’s a weakness in you, a dishonesty and lack of actual in person communication, and is not contributive to the myth of the effectiveness of OLD. If they were high quality women, they wouldn’t need OLD, because every swinging d!ck and cuck would be giving them attention. She wouldn’t need the validation of the guys on OLD, because her social circle outside of it gives her what she wants and needs. OLD is the last ditch effort for SMV craters (the older women you’re talking about, because the hot younger ones aren’t using it, she’s squandered her best years, and even is she’s still hot most men, including me, want the hot 18-20 year olds) and neurotic emotional basket cases.

OLD, like I’ve said in other threads, is the same as hiding from the real world. It’s an excuse not to live in reality in the vicinity of real women. You’ll never be able to convince me it’s powerful, because it isn’t.
I think in the major cities OLD is a bit better due to the younger population and more career minded individuals who might actually be busy and using it to help supplement. granted, most of the women are still damaged goods though or high maintenance snobs who scares men off IRL. In this region of FL for example though most of the women on there are damaged. They're mostly divorced and single moms. The bigger cities they have less baggage and career.

Overall OLD has gone downhill the last 8 or so years. IMO simply due to everyone having a smartphone now it's just too cluttered. You also have men outnumbering women like 15 to 1 as well. Around here that's what it is. The women even tell me how bombarded they get from old pervs and such. IMO that scares them off and makes them take it less seriously and then you come on here and read guys saying how they got ghosted. That was a term you didn't hear about 8 years ago like you do as often now.

Overall for most areas though OLD I think is a waste.

Also, with OLD you have no previous face to face interactions. At least IRL meeting someone in a social setting, work, or friends you have an idea of what their personality is like. On OLD you just have the keyboard. When you go and meet they end up totally different than you expect. That's why you don't hear about many marriages or long term relationships from OLD. The relationships that I do see long term though are typically lardball, butt ugly people or fat arses because they meet another ugly lardball and that's all they can get on OLD or IRL is a fellow 230lb landwhale.


Oct 19, 2019
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You're still meeting these OLD women in real life.

Might as well say people that use social media don't really exist and they're all "actors" in a conspiracy theory.

Who's up for OLD winging?


Master Don Juan
Mar 15, 2016
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I honestly cant see this working in any way, shape, or form.

If you cant attract her, neither can the wing (for you)... in fact it makes you look quite pathetic, dont it?
This is a WOMANS tactic, a WOMANS frame.
Most WOMEN lack CONFIDENCE and seek out men to give them CONFIDENCE

This tactic reveals your lack of CONFIDENCE


Senior Don Juan
Apr 12, 2018
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Having wingman or wingwomen online to talk good about you doesn't translate to reality.
You're doing all this nonsense in a virtual environment.

What's your wingman gonna do for you online?

Compliment your photos?
Give you likes?
Email a girl your interested in?
Spread positive rumors about you?

In case you haven't realized it yet, this is all validation seeking behavior.
You would come across as highly feminine to other women.
Plus, online dating is too saturated. You've already lost points by using it.
If you're a 10 in real life, you would be 6 online.
If you're a 6 in real life, you would be 2 online.
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