trying to ballance 2 girls at work


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May 7, 2003
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Mesa, AZ
I started dateing 2 girls the same week. and here is the twist i am dateing one of my managers daughters(girl1) and a coworker(girl2).
I am kissing both of them and do not want it to get serious with either of them and they both know that i am dateing other chicks.

girl2 knows about girl1 but girl1 doesnt know about girl2.

when girl1 comes in to where I work I can tell that girl2 gets a little bit botherd. and I know this because she has told me.

now i am more interested in girl2 and would rather go out with her.

I am just going to take it slow and have patience but i do not want to sever the relationship with either of them.

does anyone have any advice for this situation I do not want to piss off my boss.

i figure that so Far I am not doing too bad.
in order to keep my head on straight I have been keeping Myself busy working out and playing the guitar.

this is a totaly weird experience for me I could use all the advice you can give


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May 6, 2003
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Drop girl 1 immediately, and do it very nicely. You like her less than the other one, and the longer you mess with her, the worse it will be when you break up with her (or she finds out you're dating the other girl at work). You're not going to be able to date both of them for a long time before things start getting bad, so it's best to minimize the damage now.