Tip: how to convert text to mp3 audio file


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Jun 16, 2008
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With speech synthesis technology, you could convert text files such as files with format of txt, rtr, doc, pdf and htm into audiobooks in mp3 or wav format, then you can listen to them with a portable mp3 player while walking, jogging or commuting to work. That's a very cool and practical idea. The following is the solution.

To do this, all we need is to download a text-to-speech software program Panopreter Plus, install it on computers with Windows XP, VISTA and 7, Windows VISTA and 7 are recommended, because of the improvement of the sound quality of the voice of Microsoft Anna. If your are using Windows XP, you'd better install a third party voice.

1. Run Panopreter Plus first, select the speech mode by clicking "Read file" radio button on the up-left corner, then click the "Add" button to add your files, and "Delete" button to remove the file. you can add multiple files here.

2. Select the language from the language list window, the language you select must be the same as
that of the file(s), otherwise the speech will not be what you want to hear. The default selected language is US English.

3. Select the text-to-speech voice to read the files, the default text-to-speech voice for US English on Windows Vista and 7 is Microsoft Anna, and Microsoft Sam on Windows XP.

4. Click "Save to audio" button, panopreter plus begins to convert the files into wav and mp3 files. Click "Speak" button, it will read text aloud, you can adjust the volume and rate too.

Moreover, you could use panopreter toolbar for Internet Explorer to convert web page to mp3 audio files.

This is a very simple to use for most computer users, your avoid eyestrain while listening to vocal speech by ear. To students, it's a language learning tool too, any words you don't know how to pronounce, it will read it correctly for you. By the way, all the reading are in natural voice, not robotic voice.


Jul 1, 2017
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Thanks for the guidance! There are many decent converters available in the web, I will definitely check your link, too. I prefer not to use a certain converter, but a file recognizing tool ( https://www.filetypeadvisor.com/ ) which defines the file type, and suggest a suitable converter later.