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Tinder game


Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2020
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Having little to no energy and not feeling like doing any approaches , I installed again tinder after a pause of like 2 years

the funny thing is that I still have like 90 matches from the previous time I used it for a couple of days . This kinda lets me think that the vast majority of women are constant on the app

a couple of minutes later I already had like 5 likes , but not match as of yet

Going through the women , the vast majority of them are not even cute , and for sure way less attractive than what I can get in real life

it would be interesting to see what results I get , but really I am not expecting anything good coming out of it . Just like the last time I used it

fellas , tinder as a way to kill some time it is fine , but to focus on it too much is a waste of time

but as a rule , women on tinder on average have multiple red signs