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Don Juan
Apr 15, 2002
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First I would like to say this is a great site.

2nd I noticed something, a big topic here is being confident, acting natural, being yourself, knowning the right thing to say etc

A great way too increase all of these traits is meditation....do not be scared of the word meditation. It has granished a bad rap as being BS.

meditation is merely a way of seeing inside of yourself (getting to know yourself better)
It increases your intutition and also speeds up your flow in life.

we tend to, as people let our body control your mind instead of the other way around.

Have you ever been in a zone? where everything is flowing your way? Nothing can go wrong and if it does you easily brush it off.
Im sure you have experienced this.
Meditation makes you see things differently.
It is hard to explain because it is something you have to experience yourself, because everyone has a different experience with meditation.

You just watch your thoughts go by and after a while you could spot their orgin (during meditation)You can get to the root of your fear and coup or deal with it accordingly.

Stress? It is greatly reduced. Stress is nothing more than being HERE but wanting to be THERE

You'll also notice that your able to connect with people easier, and can understand other better. Because when you know yourself you know everyone because were all the same.

I've been meditating for about a year and it has done wonders... women are overwhelmed with my sincerity and my cool and calm demenor. Ive been complimented by various women on my compusure during pressure packed situtation
in the workplace, school etc.

rejection? This does not even phase me, because you come to the understanding that not everyones going to like you. Everyone and
I mean everyone has been through rejection.
Halle Berry knows the feeling because David Justice dumped her)

With ever failure theirs a success, and with every success theirs a failure. Is what you beging too become aware of during your adventure in meditation.

Statitics. In a course of about a 10 month span I bagged (gotten the number from over 70 women, I counted) And have gotten intimate with quite a few. (It could have been more but I worked weekends and thats when they
were free)

In a valiant attempt from boring the sh!t out of everyone. I will stop here

"Do not look foward in fear, or back in anger, but around in awarness"


Don Juan
Jan 4, 2002
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Originally posted by izm:
"Do not look foward in fear, or back in anger, but around in awarness".
Sweet quote.

I'll be remembering that one.


The Way of The
Simpleton - A
simpleton: lays down
no first law, takes
everything that
happens as it comes.
The simplicity of the
truly sophisticated.

---- Bruce Lee

hedge killa

Don Juan
Apr 11, 2002
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Hey izm I feel you man. Meditation is one of our greatest gifts. If you guys out there haven't tryed it I suggest you do. I think beliefnet.org has some guided meditations in real audio - Check them out. This stuff will really open your eyes to your iner states and show you that you can change them at will....definitely helpful in BEING a PUA. Peace