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The young lady makes me shake my head


Master Don Juan
Jul 5, 2015
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Last week she was p*ssed at me because she didn't agree with my view point, she's on a total different wave length than me, she's a modern day bra burner. I have old school values I don't really believe in what women think in todays world. Her and I wouldn't last if we ever went out just too opposite.

I seen her couple times its a small town, she was trying to be civil I knew she wasn't happy with me, I thought to myself what ever. Run into her today I was expecting angry, she was all bubbly, giddy and happy to see me like things never happened WTF. I dealt with enough of that sh*t with my BPD ex happy sad angry I never really knew what I was going to encounter. She's told me she suffers from anxiety which it seems like every woman suffers with, it can't be as bad as borderline disorder.

She's shown interest in me since the day we met I've always kept it friendly with her you don't get the young woman's hopes up, when she found her self a man I was a little relieved it was a short lived relationship she wouldn't say anything. I know damn well it was the strong feminist thinking its guy repeller these feminazi women wonder why they can't find or keep a guy. I'm friends with one we worked together for years she could drive me nuts, these women think they are equal but they fold like a cheap deck of cards when the pressure is on.

I can't change my ways I grew up in a traditional family its the way I'm, I don't deal with this feminism bullsh*t very well like I said these women are all talk I've had them angry at me saying I'm a pig, a**hole etc they hate my guts.