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The US has officially gone nutso - My pregnant husband - TLC


Senior Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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You really have to consider the TV network ecosystem. TV networks are having a difficult time drawing eyeballs as they are competing with other TV networks, hordes of internet content, and the video subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Additionally, most networks are having a difficult time drawing the most desirable audiences (20s/30s generally, though most are really focused on the 18-34 group). The average TV network is seeing a smaller yet older audience. Only a small minority of TV networks have a median age viewer below 40. Their content also isn't killing it online competing with YouTube, Netflix, and others.

Expect more bizarre, sensationalist titles in a desperate attempt to grab eyeballs, especially Millennial eyeballs. Millennials are more open to alternate sexualities and lifestyles.