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Don Juan
Jun 9, 2021
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Spatial relevance is defined as your movement into and out of her personal space. This includes back turns , takeaways and cuts ins.

Many people ask me, what is the best time to do a takeaway? So I tell them Takeaway means "move away on a high note" . For example, if you have a girl or a group of girls laughing and feeling good, you excuse yourself to go to the washroom . Use humor and sarcasm to build up the girls before removing yourself.

  • Spatial relevance in Attraction- In this phase, you need to first preserve her comfort levels. Then, when she least expects it, violate them by getting too close to her when teasing her, then pull away.

  • Spatial Relevance in Comfort- In this phase, building a shared space is very important. Imagine the shared space like your very own personal space, where just the 2 of you exist. Thats why make sure you're within 6 inches of her face/ears. Also make sure there is also subconscious skin to skin contact.

  • Spatial Relevance in Seduction- Here you have to start coquetting by moving into the woman's personal space to arouse her and then moving out of her space to push her away. This is called sexual push pull. Pulling is arousing and demonstrating sexual intent and the Pushing is when you physically push her away or deny her. Arouse her by craving for your attention.

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