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the hottest women I sleep with are sluts

Tao walker 2005

Don Juan
May 30, 2005
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Hi guys, I got a little story I want to share and I would appreciate your comments/advice.

I've been seeing two girls over the last two months, both of them 26 y.o. asian hotties (one chinese, one taiwanese). The first one I started seeing is a work colleague, who I just started hanging around, driving her home after work, going for a bite to eat etc. Her body is literally tiny... really short but so perfectly proportioned it makes me hard, and her face is extremely beautiful. One night she's sick so I go over and give her acupuncture and she strips down to her panties right in front of me (exposing her gorgeous breasts and sexy little body to me). A few nights later she's still sick so I go around with some herbal medicine for her. I tell her she needs to go str8 to bed after she takes the herbs, and then I tell her that she wants me to come to bed with her so she has something to cuddle. Yeah we end up having sex that night and then continue to f*ck every few nights from then on up until this week. But the caveat is she has a boyfriend, some rich kid from Taiwan living here at his parents expense getting houses bought for him and all bullsh*t like that (which is impressive, because the real estate market is still hot over here). But in my mind its just casual f*cking so I don't care.

But after a while I do start to get attached and feel jealousy, which is a terrible mistake for an experienced dj to make. One night at her house she's cooking for me and a bunch of friends come over (a telling side note, all her friends are guys, and there are loads of them contacting her all the time). I start to feel really uncomfortable and I'm getting these really bad vibes from a non descript dude whose eying me with sheer malice. These friends won't include me in their conversation and are alienating me so I just go to her room and w8, but she doesn't join me, saying she doesn't want them to think she's a slut because they know she has a boyfriend. Well that makes me mad, and I express my jealousy for the first time, but they eventually leave and the relationship continues as normal after that.

Soon thereafter I meet Eva, just pick her up off the street outside a club in west end. She is tall and has a smoking hot body, but an average, if not slightly ugly face (as judged by my high standards). I totally seduce her and make her so horny that she cums in the passenger seat of my car parked outside her house as I'm dropping her off at three in the morning that night. Eva is a high quality woman, loves her daddy (who incidentally is one of the wealthiest businessmen in Taiwan... why does it seem like EVERYONE from Taiwan who comes to my country is swimming in money??) We start seeing each other once a week and she impresses me (and my friends) with her intelligence, geniality and generally well balanced nature.

To continue where we left off with the first woman, we start to spend more and more time together, having the most intense, passionate and satisfying sexual relationship that I've experienced. She only sees her boyfriend once a fortnight so I'm starting to think that she'll come around to my point of view (foolishly, I tell her I want her to dump her boyfriend and be with me). I've been teaching her to play poker, and she loves going to the casino (red flag: gambling addict...) so I take her one night to play for her first time and we both win some money, have a generally good time. We make plans to do it again on monday night (the one just past)...

I go to her house the day b4 hand and make her horny with my finger (but no sex) before going to play pool and getting some icecream. Then I drop her off at work. I get a text at 10pm that night saying she went to the casino with her friend and just lost $200. damn.

I go around to her house on monday night as planned but I tell her that I'm not taking her to the casino because she went last night with some other dude and lost $200 so it ruined the mood for me. She agrees and says yeah she's really tired anyway because she only got 3 hours sleep last night. I ask why? did you go back to your friends house last night and have sex with him? well she denies it, but you know I'm an expert poker player, I know ALL of the subtle body language cues that indicate when someone is lying, and let me tell you, she was showing all of them... avoiding eye contact in an unnatural manner, looking to the left when telling me her alternate version of events (which indicates a creative mental process is in effect, as opposed to looking to the right, which indicates using memory to recall events), giving too many unnecessary details ("no, he just drove me back to my place, and then dropped me off, and then left, straight away..." etc), quickly and eagerly agreeing to change the topic even with the issue unresolved. She did all those things and even her tone of voice was very unconvincing. I'm sure she was lying but its not really my place to be concerned about it, she's not my girlfriend anyway.

I haven't contacted her since then and she hasn't contacted me either (a bit of a difference from several text messages/calls per day to total silence stretching 4 days). Meanwhile I've been growing closer to Eva a lot more and seeing much more of her than before.

So much for my story, and I'm sure from the way I've written it you can all see the glaring red-flags with the first girl and you'll all be saying "its for the best, forget about the slut and focus on the quality one", but... and here is the insight behind why I've subjected you to this long-winded diatribe: I WANNA F*CK THE HOT ONE!

simple as that.

Yes, in retrospect in becomes clear to me that I was only one of at least 3, and probably as many as 8 f*ck buddies that she's currently got going on (not including her poor boyfriend). But I'm starting to wonder what its like for the really really hot girls in the world. I'm just an average guy, but even if I were super handsome, I would still have to be the initiator if I wanted action, and that takes effort. But for these hot hot women, they just get hit up constantly, multiple times a day by multiple guys every single day. And they are human beings, they love to have sex (indeed it can be very addictive). Imagine if you were trying to quit smoking, and you feel the desire so bad, and your constantly being offered a cigarette by different exciting people doing exciting things, saying "oh come on, I know you want to... no one else will know... lets just smoke right now, its not gonna hurt".

Maybe that's a bad analogy, but everyone loves sex, and the hottest girls don't have to try to get it, it just comes banging on their door every night, persistently breaking down their defences until they submit. They're just human... is it any wonder that they're sluts??

My father's advice to me was to hook up with the hottest girls I possibly can... but those ones, the young smoking hot ones, are almost categorically all sluts (At least the ones I've slept with). I really despair of being able to have stable and faithful relationship with a girl that is considered by everyone to be Universally Attractive.

Thats it. feel free to rip into me for being an AFC p*ssy, I deserve it.


Master Don Juan
Jan 10, 2008
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I was playing blackjack in vegas once, and some lyric of a song playing in the background kind of struck me:

"if you wanna be a happy man the rest of your life
get an ugly girl and make her your wife.."

Maybe you could go the shallow hal route...but you'd have to get stuck in an elevator with tony robbins...


Master Don Juan
Jul 18, 2005
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Tao walker 2005 said:
I really despair of being able to have stable and faithful relationship with a girl that is considered by everyone to be Universally Attractive.
Why does this supposed girl have to be considered universally attractive? I think that's one hurdle some of us on the site need to get over: at the end of the day this is about YOU. Not the rest of us.


Master Don Juan
Feb 29, 2004
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Baltimore, MD
handle said:
Why does this supposed girl have to be considered universally attractive? I think that's one hurdle some of us on the site need to get over: at the end of the day this is about YOU. Not the rest of us.
YOu know whats funny? The fact that I stopped caring about looks and posted pics of myself and her on myspace with a link to there. All of a sudden, a majority of the guys on here started to attack me about not having the hottest girl to walk the face of the Earth.

Do what you want, not what everyone here tells you to do. Some of the people on this site will lead you on a path to destruction :p

btw red flag: if your not able to trust her from the outset, after you get what you want, get the hell out.



Senior Don Juan
Jul 4, 2009
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i was actually thinking the same thing recently
this girl im hooking up with now is super hot and seems to get called by guys all the time. but she always gives vague answers about them and talks about how much she hates guys flirting with her... but thats how we met in the first place! (i went up to her outside a club at 3am)

sometimes its hard not envy hot girls


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