The Hero's Journey in Clown World & & & going out on your ****ing shield!


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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This is a post has been a long time coming.

There's such a war on men especially white males and more recently, I see the attack on black men (cuckoldry embedded in movies as if to normalise ****ery).

There's a lack of fatherhood, mentorship, role models, brotherhood, etc now a days. Male academics has been in decline in the past sixty years (Source: men on strike by Dr. Helen Smith). The suicide rate, the decimation of manufacturing industry, the amount of men divorce raped or jailed and literally raped due to child support, affirmative action, quota hiring, and the blatant war on men; the list goes on in the Clown World.

Fellow DJs, the game has changed.

Yes, go get baeees. Get girls. Club, hit bars, and smash rotten if in late teens and early 20s. By mid 20s, have a general path, purpose, life direction. Yes, spit game and pull but, bank that gwap. Stack paper. Get edu (not necessarily formal unless trades or STEM degree). Learn a second language. Take a cooking or food nutrition class. Work self-care. Lift, pick up something heavy. Clean your room. Eat healthy. Do your road work. Run or jogg. Get Calm or headspace app for guided/meditation. L9ok at execution in entrepreneurship and at the very least, freelance. The ability to be a resourceful man, generate leads, prospects, sales converts well in other areas of life.

Reverse Engineer the sort of life you want amid Clown World. Take life by the balls. Focus purpose, life path, hero's journey over chasing tail. Chase excellency.

In the words of Alex, "it doesn't matter the moves you make. It matters that you are a man and you make moves."

Act accordingly gentlemen in spite of Clown World. Mediocrity and all that is amateur hour is not an option nor without consequences. How do you make a dent in the universes?

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