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The Graduate

Deep Dish

Master Don Juan
Nov 25, 2002
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Not very long ago I graduated college with a bachelor's degree, after six and a half years. Leading up to graduation, the ladies became excited for me, and of course so did everyone else. It has seemed my "market value" with the ladies instantly doubled, whatever, significantly increased; but it's only been less than two weeks so really I can not say how things will hold up but it looks good.

I have a friend who is about 29/30, very charming, handsome, a Don Juan to the ladies, but he says no ladies will touch him because he has never gone to college. He was a model, break dancer/cheerleader guy for the Chicago Bulls, danced on a cruise ship, but he retired from that and now works in a restaurant as a food runner. He was somewhat a himbo back in the day but the good times are now long gone.

On the other hand I have another masterful Don Juan friend of about the same age who has made much out of himself and of course he can't keep the ladies off him.

So, for all the men out there who graduated college, how do your post-graduated years compare to your pre-graduated years, in terms of dating?

For all the men out there who are absent of higher education, how has that affected dating?


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Senior Don Juan
Aug 18, 2004
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Doesn't make a difference at all ... plus being in college, most people find a lot more opportunities there than in the working world. Unless you work with a lot of young single women ...

By the way, how's orlando going for ya? I'm finding it dry.

6 1/2 years ... were you going to U Can't Finish? :)

Rollo Tomassi

Master Don Juan
Oct 4, 2004
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It all depends on what you got your degree in and how people perceive it.

However the iron law of gender still holds true today: As women age their sexual value declines while a man's increases with age. The older a man is (generally) the more access he has to status, wealth, maturity, accomplishment - all manifestations of women's conditions for intimacy. As a woman ages her looks and appeal decline - a man's single condition for intimacy.

For his age, your friend hasn't achieved the status expected of him from the opposite sex in regards to his ability to provide for their security (a woman's primary drive), which is what women looking to cash their chips in at 28 or 29 are eager to get as they know they'll need to lock a guy in before their looks aren't comparable to 22 year old women.

Men see women as sex objects, women see men as success objects. Enjoy your new found appeal, just remember that at around 33-35 you will be at your peak marketability. Don't committ to any chick before this. Don't sell yourself out.

cave dweller

Master Don Juan
Aug 1, 2004
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game plan


It gets better after college.


Because now you are no longer a student with a dream, but, a real live 'bread winner' with a career, an incomeand obtainable goals.

Once you get a solid income, with a future and remain single you are in total control and the women pick up on this.

Work on you financial base and your hobbies and it will all fall into place.

Like I told one girl.

"I am into markets."

She said 'Markets?"

I said.

"Yea, markets, you know,
flea market
farmers market
antique market
real estate market
stock market."

Needless to say she let me 'ride her' for a couple of years.

cave dweller


Senior Don Juan
Sep 29, 2001
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I like this part:

Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
Enjoy your new found appeal, just remember that at around 33-35 you will be at your peak marketability. Don't committ to any chick before this. Don't sell yourself out.
Your priorities will definitely change from the study-life to the work life. Embrace work in the sense that you have an ambition to move up. Sure, the dating scene changes but remember that better job/work = more women will eye you. Besides, in club/social scenes the first questions they ask you are "what do you do for a living."
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Senior Don Juan
Feb 3, 2001
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Congratulations Monsieur ...

Im in the process as well , this is my last year being a medic student .