The art of email seduction?

Apr 3, 2003
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Your forgetting that women are emotional word loving creatures. They love to hear words that stir them and create feelings within them.

This is why I stress getting their life story so that you can also close the intimacy gap between you.

I would reca'mend going to

this is where I further developed my ability to use words. I believe what they teach is the basic root of speed seduction shyt. Only you learn the why's of it instead of some stupid patterns that you repeat like a robot.

Recently I tried an experiment at I put up a well worded similiar to my email seduction and I've gotten over 60 worded responses and about 70 something winks.

Here are some of the responses:

I dont fit your profile, I live too far away, but I did like your profile; it was interesting.

i say not words on a page as i have indeed experienced that emotive sense of complete connecton with someone, and it's truly rare.

your words are beautiful as are you. too bad you don't have a pic with your glass off....what are hiding?

if you have any interest in what i wrote about myself, i'd be happy to send a pic.



liked your words just wanted to say hi

blue eyed girl from kansas lost in reno

Hi, my name is Nancy and I just had to write.
Your choice of words were absolutley incredible!!! You truly spoke from your heart and soul.
I realize that most people dont ever get to that level of communication during an entire lifetime.
Not that I am anyone special, (but I am :), and I do want you to know that I was very impressed with what you chose to share. You certainly have a gift.

My Goodness! Ooook, did you copy what you wrote from a book or should you be writing one? Very nice. I am not good with words like you are but I love everyhing you said and the only thing I can say to that is DITTO!

After reading your profile the essence of your persona stirred deeply in my mind and soul.

Since I'm not into internet dating I haven't responded to any of them, although one looks like Holly Berry.

Oh and I did borrow the outline of what I wrote and just put in my own words.

Here is a email sent to me today by a woman whom I've never even met but I've been seducing over the internet only from another dating site:

Tasty too!!!.....Wet again!!.............makes my mind wander.....and my body tingle....can you feel me? No, I guess that's me feeling you...huddled over me...looking into my eyes and encircling my rapidly growing nipple with your finger..touching the top..feeling it's hardness.....or that your hardness......??? Is your penis growing..swelling reaching for me..throbbing...getting hot....finding it's way to the ecstacy of being surrounded by my warmth as I tease you and pull away..until all at once you plunge quickly and deeply inside of me..overtaking my will...defenseless and in your control..rising to the pleasure..the nerves raised with delight..hightened, fully aroused...back and forth against them...tunnel swelling enveloping your hard and powerful ****..juices flowing...raising us higher ..lifting us on a cloud..holding holding..together holding..trying to maintain the very little control we have left to rise to the place we always knew was there that we'd almost reached....but never quite gotten to before......together..grasping holding reaching into each other to share this experience together
and all at once cumming in a blaize of glory..ecstacy embracing us while floating and extending our passion suspended together in the moment...........then slowly coming back into this time, this space, together..even more so than person, one soul..such pleasure never known.....meant to be.....with you..with us.....Ecstacy!

Now this isn't some ghetto skank. You would be surprised who this woman has dated in hollywood!

And here is the one I just got moments ago:

You mean communication?..What's in your mind..out of your mouth unfiltered and on the page? That is the ultimate turn on to me....your mind...and your willingness to show me....with that all else easily flows...

If you look at how a prissy woman still will have a deeply sexual nature, it will give you clues as to words to say to her. Well she caught me online so now I gotta chat for a moment with her...

Apr 3, 2003
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Aight, I'm back. I have tons of examples but I will not bore you men (not kids) with them. My point is that women have untapped wells of passion within them.

Most men cannot tap into their own passion. I can. I can in body mind and soul. When you learn to release your inner will free yourself and open up a whole new world of communication for you.

When you tap into this realm words flow out of you. And I'm not talking about mushy crap like Oh baby I love you so much...I'm talking about writing words that are designed to turn women on.

I usually tell them what I will be doing to them and how it will feel to me. How it I imagine how it would feel to kiss them softly on their lips and taste their essence on their tongues. To lay on top of them and make them feel the weight of a man on them. To open them like a flower and take it's essence....To plunge into their depths as no man has take them to the mountain tops of joy and pleasure and plunge them over the side...

I try to engage their mind and senses into my emails. look above at my useage of words...taste...essence...flower...weight...a

No woman can resist words put in the right order or words used in the right way!

You guys following me?

I don't say stupid shyt like baby I wanna fawk you so bad...ohh hell no...

Once somebody posted what kind of music you use in seduction and I was appalled at the number of stupid kids who used heavy metal type stuff to turn a woman may work on a man but women need something with more finess in it.

This is why you gotta open up those lines of communication with them so you can learn what turns them on. What things they have done sexually in the past...what is the freakiest thing they have ever done...what are their fantasies...which is the biggest one..cause these are what I weave into my emails.
Apr 3, 2003
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Originally posted by JSH
daddy, babygirl, do i sense some latent paedophilia :D
Not in the least!

Your a fool if you think so.

Remember I'm the guy who says get her life story. So if I'm using something in my words it's because she has told me something about her that I felt was a key to open her mind to me.

Many women have had a daddy complex. If you know this then you will know how to manipulate the ones who did.

I don't care if they respond to getting turned on by calling me an ass-hole. As long as I am in control of their minds.

When you control the minds you control the pvssy!