Tesla to cut full time workforce by roughly 7%


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Dec 6, 2015
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Sep 22, 2006
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big debt payment due on friday - roughly 1 billion dollars. Now had the price stayed above a certain point for period of time, the company could have elected to pay off their loan in 50% stock, 50% cash. It is now very certain that they will pay only in cash. This is going to put a strain on their cash reserves as it is thought that their cash balance (less revolving loans they take out to pad the balance sheet), and they have deferred paying a small 180 million dollar loan several times to April. you'd think looking at their balance sheet that they have funds, but a different angle is to look at interest accrued on the income statement in FY2018, which was quite small for a balance of "3.7 Billion" , give or take. Some estimates are cash balances of < 1.5 billion.

There is also talk about slower than expected sales in their next two major markets, the EU and China. This poses a risk to the model 3 growth story, as the model 3 was suppose to sell in higher numbers than models S and X.

You have major efforts to control costs via - already 2 job cuts of around 7% as this thread hit on, and several price cuts. Last time I checked, growing companies don't cut jobs 2 times in a year.

Executives are leaving in doves, including their CFO after the 4th quarter, and their general council who was on the job for less than a month. There is a huge list of other high level executives who have left the company over the past year.

If you own this stock, Id recommend selling. It is tradable, but there are so many red flags with this name, it makes it very risky to own. Lets not forget that the market is at the end of a 10 year bull cycle, and while the recent rally has been nothing short of impressive ( I am short this rally and definitely feeling the pain), bear market bounces happen in all bear markets. If this China deal doesn't clock in at expectations, and earnings continue to slow, I think the market is ripe for another correction. watch out!