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Taste In Women

Francisco d'Anconia

Master Don Juan
Jul 10, 2003
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Galt's Gulch
Originally posted by MackJr
Anybody like pixies? short girls with highly femine personality characteristics?
I think they're cute but I don't come across many that are athletic. I have met a few pixie-looking women on the West Coast that are professional cyclocross or mountainbikers. They are pretty tight and hot. However it's funny when they show you the scar on their thigh that they got after an endo during a race. :p

I still prefer women 5'7 or taller, 130-150 lbs, dark hair with either brown or green eyes with a South American type accent. Why the h3ll am I in Minnesota??!!:confused:

If anyone is interested in finding out specifically what type of woman (personality and looks wise) that they are most attracted to, create an free account on Match.com and take their Physical Attraction test. It take about a half an hour but if you take your time, what it reveals is VERY interesting and extremely specific.


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