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Nov 16, 2011
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Land of slow.
Met this Star Juan in 2004. Every single thing in the guys life was perfect. To the job he had and the fact he makes more than 5,578 a month put him in a place that was unreachable. Save for the cologne he used. I also had the same cologne from a swiss company no pun intended. His greatest life achievement was nothing except a woman he met that same year. Hb8 nurse from Oklahoma. Finally the guy saved himself with a phony condition always being healthy. Clinical sane person until he became a senseless. There's no one to turn to insurance claim goes all to his wife leaving 109,000 to her. Show's how much he loved her. Finally goes to show you can't always trust someone by the cologne they use. He mentioned me in one conversation he left only virtual currency to trade; that's great. 2008 marked the end of a war in africa but did not handle virtual currency very well. I watch one or two things from the time and the only thing that shows is that he genuinely cared about the owner of the company he worked. He currently has no job and only remembers swiss franks. Star juan remembers things like salvador Dali, useless paintings like andy worhol. But he can't remember his own wife's name. Finally in conclusion let's save on record that an Hb8 will always leave you either with an eating disorder or something you can't handle.