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spinster laments: When Can I Say I'll Be Alone Forever?


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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The comments are quite interesting, with women saying they don't want to lower standards, lose weight, etc. :rolleyes:
My issues are well I’m fat and really a troll. My depression and social anxiety make it very hard to meet people.
Uh no, you can't meet anyone because you're too fat!
And honestly I really don’t consider myself picky. My standards are: good sense of humor, not an MRA/RP/GG/anti-feminist, not painfully shy. I don’t have a physical “type”, I just need there to be some sort of spark or connection. I’ve been asked out by a couple guys who were attractive but who I just had nothing in common with or no chemistry with and when I turned them down I got blasted by my friends and family for “not giving them a chance”.
Hang in there honey, your Superman will come by any day now.
Are you looking for a guy who’s in shape, has a great job, a great sense of humor, intelligent, fun friend group? If so do you have all of those things? I have single girlfriends who are 50 lbs. overweight and what I’d never say but think... why are you looking for an attractive, in-shape guy when you’re not the other half of that equation?
I totally feel you. I’ve been in two relationships for a total of 2yrs each and I’m 35. At this point, I really am looking into using a sperm donor, but I hate that I would have to do that, because I would love to start a family with someone.
The sperm bank is Hypergamy's safety net. :mad:
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Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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Im dating many girls through tinder in the last days and the most important thing I noticed is that women above 30 are unable to create any emotional involvement.

I kid you not I deal with them as if they were NPCs, there is some instinct inside me that does not activate while dealing with any of them, its probably the same thing that happens to them while dealing with a man below chad status.

I really do not register them as potential mates and many other friends of mine confirm me that.

Apparently when they lose their youth, they lose their most precious asset probably as important as overall looks.

It really gets to the point where being outcome independant is the default mode, when they **** test me I dont even bother to think whats the right or wrong thing to do, I just do what I want not caring for the conseguences.

One fo them talked very bad about a conservative politician I support, she said that only dumb ignorant people may consider to vote for him...I told her that her being a supermarket cashier with no university attended and no ability to perform any specialized job should be his biggest supporter.
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