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Social services and the investigation...


Don Juan
Oct 1, 2020
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So the papers from the investigation arrived,because What i Said to social services 6 months ago they thought was so serious so THEY started an investigation. Its full of lies. My ex has said to them that i did not helped at Home,never did anything,drank a lot.....the list is long and its 90% lies! Some of you know that i caught her with a fwb but she said it was a "New boyfriend" to them. She said to them that i wanted revenge. Thats also i lie. The fact that our kid played with a **** was in her opinion a "stress ball,shaped as a ****" Yes it was a stress ball shaped as a **** BUT What is that for crazy parenthood?? You can read all of her mess and how she played me in my first post here...
Wtf should i do with this lying *****!?
I just want social services to know the TRUTH!