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Big Pappy

Master Don Juan
Oct 30, 2003
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And, so, here it is, very early in the a.m. and I have decided to cast a pearl of wisdom to those who would appreciate its value.

Attitude is everything. You may not realize it, but everyone who comes into contact with you feeds, in a sense, off of the energy that you put out. Most of us have been in this situation: we meet a gal, we are really hoping and working towards her coming home with us. We've kissed her, gotten that c/b buddy of hers out of the way; it's just a matter of getting her to forget what her hangups are and getting her to think about herself instead of what others think about her. Be positive! Act and speak as though it's understood that you and she are going to do the nasty! Because if you're not, she will let you know! What have you got to lose by being positive? If she won't tonight, she won't tomorrow either!

Have you ever noticed a wedding? The poor groom, all dressed up like a penguin, waits at the altar for his love.


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Master Don Juan
Apr 10, 2003
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Spokane, WA
Always assume the sale!