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should you accept an openly none exclusive girl as a plate ?


Master Don Juan
Apr 28, 2018
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I had to read this sentence twice to make sure I was reading it correctly. HB3?? Why???
Literally was going to say this myself. I think I’d rather just roll with the hand at that point. If I’m going to put up with a woman’s nonsense she at least needs to look good and make me want to put my d1ck into her.

HB5 and under I’ll pass.

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Feb 3, 2021
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Bend, OR

From france.
I-31M started seeing a girl-25F-HB3 recently, we ****ed a few times, she already started to act clingy and attention starved.
In the middle of a suave verbal back and forth, she says "I've seen someone else since your so busy".
My emotions get the better of me so I confront her. She justify it by saying we just started seeing each other and that I never allow her to see me more than once a week witch is true.
I show her that I am pissed and told her to go home. She was showing me the "I'm devastated/lost my soulmate" body language.
SInce then i've seen her again but I don't go out with her anymore, just ****ing.

Every girl nowadays spin her plates and give the ***** on a whim, so I know that when I ****ed her other dudes where orbiting and ****ing her as well.
But when she brought it up, I felt mad disrespected.
Was my reaction justified ?
Is there some deeper understanding I am missing out on about the topic ?
As others have stated, whether it was a sh*t test or not, your reaction is an indication you have things to work on. Never let your emotions get a hold of you. You have to be in control.

I've said this in the past, I am not saying don't feel. You are human after all. Just don't react based on your emotions. Especially when a girl whether consciously or unconsciously is trying to trigger you.

So was your reaction justified? Not at all. For once, why did you even get upset for a girl that you barely see and has shown red flags. Neither of you owe respect to each other, yet. That is earned over time and intentional effort. This is just a plate, a FWB at best. This should not faze you.

Advice: Learn from this. How could you have reacted differently? Why do you feel disrespected? Why do you care she is seeing someone? What future do you see with her if she is displaying things you do not like? And finally, move on.

Modern Man Advice


Don Juan
Oct 5, 2021
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Is there some deeper understanding I am missing out on about the topic ?
I think you aren't supposed to care that much. I probably would have just said "okay" and changed the subject...... and then start using a condom.


Senior Don Juan
Aug 31, 2021
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See ,in my environment. We all learned at a very young age not to ever assume you’re the only one smashing , we use to share girls all the time.
They seriously thought we were clueless and would tell us they love us.
Good god ,can you imagine if we believed them