She makes eye contact, you smile or wave and she smiles back or waves back...

Nov 2, 2014
This happens to me all the time on the street, in the car, etc. It happened today for example while driving home. I was checking out the girl in the car next to me at the light. She could sense it and eventually looked over (within a few seconds). I smiled and waved and her. She held eye contact, checked me out and smiled back emphatically. Then we went on our ways driving the same direction for quite a while. Difficult and low probability situation to get her number, yeah?

Same thing at work sometimes. It would be awkward to approach the girl you seen once every couple weeks at a client site in front of all of her colleagues. So do you leave her a card? LOL. Or do you chalk it up to practice flirting?
Nov 2, 2011
So long as you don't come off as creepy. It's creepy in the car, especially if you following her. At work there is work etiquette and stuff, her smiling back or waiving don't mean sh1t at all if at work, firstly it's work etiquette, secondly often times they use their sexuality at work to get stuff done. I know some say on youtube that you make cards and just leave them, it could be creepy as well. Take that AMS dude, he is a personal trainer, leaving cards works for him fine, that's beside the point of saying he is good looking, women won't find him a creep. Woman would even get validated somewhat when a fitness trainer leave her a card. Again it goes to show that the sh1t you see out there is not the sh1t you should try to imitate/emulate, because that is how you make caricature of other people and an ass out of yourself. Your approach should be tailor made for you only by yourself, through trial and error.

Back to the point, whether you leave a card or talk it out depends on your circumstances.

It would be creepy for a delivery guy to smile and wave at women in the office and then of all things leave a card to a woman. It just screams you are in the prowl, which women find creepy as fvck. Plus every single of her coworkers would see that and you will become the joke of the office.

It's hard to suggest you anything in particular because we don't know what kind of work you do and in what kind of settings you are.