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She break up with me over text...need help


Don Juan
Jan 26, 2020
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Girl I have been with for 7 months three days ago broke up with me, we have been good ,holidays,good sex etc.i have not replied her but she has written three times below is a break up text.

1) I don’t think that’s good idea . I think that we are from two different worlds . We should go our ways and find our happiness somewhere ... I can’t reset my brain after this all what happened how many times you lied to me, hided things and you were changing plans.... for me that’s to much . I think we should stop it here and try to start once more life. I don’t feel comfortable in this relationship and I don’t want to push myself. I was trying to forget and try once more but I can’t. I can’t think everyday what will happen today if our plans will go this way or other. Thank you for all memories and I ll remember only this beautiful moments with you. Now it ll be hurting but with time we ll both know that that was good decision. Thank you for everything and I really wish you all the best and that you will find your happiness and big love !!!

2)I hope you ll understand and will also remember only the best moments. You also can say that last few weeks or even months we were fighting more than being good with each other

3) It’s as well for me difficult to say it but I feel that I have to