Shaving guide


Master Don Juan
Nov 16, 2011
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Land of slow.
Taking a trip to a far away city like Lima has brought to me some insights about living differently. Analyzing being two degrees from the ocean has brought me to natural conclusions. First fact is Shaving is an art. We can work on this by changing strokes. Switching to a cheaper solution with cheaper blades and heavier cream can take you to a place where satisfaction can take you to a place where analyzing is not an obstacle. Heavier cream or more high end cream where there is no foam and only close shave can show you that not everything in life is about being satisfied.

Using strokes moving up can show you classic motions that lead to fluidity. Where down strokes can show you mistakes and places where you can improve. All in all remember game step. Take Sixty days to evaluate repeat steps again. Adjust cologne dress accordingly to law. Abide by what you can... Enjoy guys.

Step one: Go to your local drug store. Pick up value blades in a wholesale market for sixty can save you time by not allowing money to get to you.

Step two: Use soft techniques to mold your style.

Step three: Reread article above adjust and mold where these things don't affect you anymore

Step four finally: wake up in the morning look at your clock decide if you want to drive/ travel. Be the gentleman. Once in a while you don't apologize and look at the door knob...