Second date update...


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2016
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On 101.3 in the bay area, they do a brief segment called the "second date update." This is how it works...

-Two people go on a date
-One gets ghosted or blown off
-This person calls the radio station to discover why they were ghosted/blown off.

Why do I think this segment is interesting?

1. In the early stages of dating, men and women are looking to disqualify their partners. This could be from littering to having a sexy picture of an ex girlfriend on your credit card.

2. The first thing both sexes mention first are attractiveness. Women tend to say things like "oh, he has a great paying job" too.

3. Ghosted and getting blown off is just part of dating. Unfortunately, it is fairly normal behavior. When you see how these people react after getting in contact again, you understand the reason for the ghosting. Most people's egos can't handle rejection.

I think many men could learn from some of these stupid mistakes, both those of their own and discarding women who make fatal flaws early. And it further shows that if you take care of yourself, have your head screwed on right, and are pushing towards your purpose, you won't suffer from constant disappointment in meeting women.

If you are curious to learn about the hilarious acts of dates gone wrong, there is a podcast, "Marcus and Sandy second date update" with all of the segments.
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