Scombroid poisoning


Master Don Juan
Dec 29, 2017
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This is just alittle friendly advice for those of you that like seafood. Always have Benadryl on hand. I am not allergic to fish but had a horrific experience last night.

made baked mahi mahi... was starving and downed two filets. Within a few minutes of finishing my face and head felt like it was on fire! I stood up and was dizzy, my face was also the shade of a beet. It came in waves and each one was worse than the other. My heart rate went up to 200 beats per minute and my head began to pound. I considered calling 911... I assumed I might have developed an allergy so ran to my medical cabinet and found Benadryl. I downed 2 of them and the symptoms kept getting worse. I was now struggling to breath and started dry heaving to make it worse. I got up from my bathroom floor to go call 911... and had a dizzy spell and ended up throwing up. The Benadryl began kicking in and within 20 minutes this hell was over.

I had no clue what happened. Went to my doctor today and told him what happened. Did some labs and told me it’s scombroid poisoning. Mahi and several other fish are loaded with histamine and if not stored below 40 degrees the histamine thrives and grows. So essentially I ate a massive allergic reaction.

if I was in public it would have been hell....

Pierce Manhammer

Jun 2, 2021
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Scombroid poisoning is a sickness from eating bad fish like tuna or mackerel. It happens when the fish isn't kept cold, and the bacteria make a chemical called histamine. The bacteria convert histidine into histamine, which causes a reaction in the person that eats it. No amount of cooking will change this because the histamine was already created. After all, the fish was mishandled before you got it.

Signs that you're sick can include feeling hot, a headache, itching, stomach pain, and throwing up. These symptoms usually go away by themselves in a day or two.