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San Fran: Data Sheet


Sep 5, 2021
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I joined the rooshv forum a while back just at the time Roosh was entering Christian Piety mode. In that time, it was fun reading the 'data sheets' from world travelers, usually single men, dating in a foreign country (or at least trying to) in the brief time that info was made available.

I thought I would give back and do the same here, for a city I've visited fairly often, "The City." I haven't been in a couple of years though so perhaps there are others who can add on details about the past 18 months (which I'm sure haven't been pretty for dating).

City Pros:

-there are tons of dating niches, most of which feature solid talent. This includes hot sorority girls (SF state, USF), very, very pretty asian girls, top tier skinny black girls, cougars, hipsters, international travelers, and quite a few hot lone wolves.

-day game is pretty solid. Random shopping, cafe hopping and of course Dolo, are well established day gaming spots, where higher SMV guys are warmly welcomed. Weird PUA guys, not so much.

-the city is extremely compact, with plenty of street life/activity, making street game and day game a natural and organic part of city life.

-the key demographic, 18 to 30 is the fat part of the bell curve: there are tons of young, single women in the city.

-weather is mild all year round, so people are always outdoors.

-there are an endless variety of activities, too many to list here, and many are very low cost, relatively speaking: festivals, parks, sports, entertainment of all kinds at varying prices.

City Cons:

-transportation, parking and logistics are a nightmare. Chances of a break-in are extremely high. NEVER keep valuables in plain sight and better yet, do not ever store them in your vehicle. Don't drive, uber it up.

-the 49ers are winning: 4's who think they're 9's. A bit exaggerated, but lots and lots of women in the 5 to 6 range are treated like princesses and I for one, am not exaggerating here. Women can literally afford to be extremely picky and guys who are SMV 6's and below are going to have an extremely tough time in the city regardless of the range of social opportunities.

-black and brown guys struggle in the city. If you are in either category and interested in inter-racial dating, fughedaboutit. There is an endless supply of simpin' white and asian dudes, and alphas in both categories for white and asian girls to think about brown/black dudes. The "liberal" attitude among white women does not extend to dating darker skinned bro's.

-SF gals have a cold veneer as do the residents in general. If you are accustomed to the extroversion of Los Angeles or Miami, SF at least initially will be a turn off. Norcal generally has a much colder, more serious vibe than their socal counterparts. If you are an extrovert and social butterfly, this can come as a bit of a rude awakening.

-homelessness, drugs, crime, trannies, prostitutes, trash are everywhere. It's a liberal sh-thole, what did you expect?

Neighborhoods: there is a lot going on here, which only city residents can fill in the details on.

The mission: Dolo is it. Daytime social life centers in and around this enormous park. If you are visiting and want to meet people relatively easily or just enjoy a social scene, this is my first recommendation. The weather is usually mild and sunny and an astonishing 80-90% of all visitors are single adults in their 20's with a very even gender ratio.

-lone wolf game is definitely possible here, as is getting an 'in' to groups, if your social skills allow for it.

Night game in the mish is varied, but surprisingly expensive. Every bar and club seems to have a cover and it's usually pretty steep. Barhopping can get expensive very quickly. Figure on a minimum of $100 night per person if you want to visit 3 or 4 spots and drink. MIssion girls are usually characterized as hipsters, but there are also lots of foreign/international girls who party here. Talent is decent, but the stiff covers make this a not so great neighborhood to party in.

The marina. I can only recommend the marina on thursday nights, which is college night, which probably doesn't work out for most guys post college. Lots and lots of relatively hot sorority girls, who sometimes party on fridays and saturdays.

On friday/saturday nights, the talent regresses to the SF mean, with lots of 6's and 7's, unfriendly russian girls and late 20's ex sorority bimbo's on their last legs of prime hotness. During prime time weekend hours from 11 PM to 1 AM, the marina typically is stuffed to the brim as an uncomfortable and almost laughable sausagefest at the most popular bars. SF gonna SF....

If you want a rather sour taste of why SF has gained it's notoriety, visit the country bar, Jax. You will see every random douchebag shot down machine gun style over and over again by every single girl on the premises. Strangely, most single men in SF become masochists and learn to enjoy or at least tolerate rejection as a normal part of life and keep trying over and over again.

"Other neighborhoods." as far as talent, there is a general sameness regardless of neighborhood: lots and lots of decent 6's and 7's available in night game, with shockingly few 8's and above. Almost all of the hot girls in SF avoid bars and clubs but are relatively abundant during weekend days.

Overall, SF is a dating paradise for 20 something women who are just above average, but also pretty good for high SMV males 8 and above.. The extraordinary number of nerdy but high earning simps is astronomical. On the flip side, I've never seen guys game so hard and compete so ferociously for average and just above average girls. Average-ish SMV men are going to struggle here if they can't or won't spend at an exorbitant rate.

tldr takeaways:
1. You can make SF work if you are a high SMV male (8 and above). The farther you dip down on the scale, the more you will have to spend, which most guys in SF can and will do.

2. stick to weekend days and weekday evenings (happy hours perhaps?) for gaming. Sadly, weekend nights feature mediocre talent and horrible gender ratios at the most popular spots.

Here's a decent summary of neighborhoods and nightspots, conveniently compiled in february of 2020 just as it was about to become useless.

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Master Don Juan
Oct 4, 2016
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It's legitimately objectively a better use of your time and money to go to Vegas and LA to date. I mean if those places didn't exist, fine, but there are alternatives to bars with 3 to 1 male/female ratios.


Master Don Juan
Oct 31, 2013
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Sf....you nailed it.
Money talks....no amount of trapezoid or triceps wins here.
And yes....
I don't mean to be superficial because not every 20 something has a legit job that pays, but....a "6" acts like a goddess.
And to be fair.
I seen in it in other states too.
You take them out to eat after the club and you're enjoying your eggs and they're talking loud....until a real 9 and her friends walk in the spot....they quiet down real quick.

That's why it's better to fall in love with their attitude first and puzzy second.

Sf sucks.
Asian city...hashtag not racist hashtag they're like ants over there hashtag better places to be