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Rule NUMERO UNO: Get her @#$% phone number!

Francisco d'Anconia

Master Don Juan
Jul 10, 2003
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Galt's Gulch
I was trading emails with this woman on when we should meet up (we hadn't traded phone numbers, it never came up). I gave three general times that I would be available, she countered. I told her that at that I had only one day available because my schedule filled up. She agreed and gave me a specific time. I countered with a different time and she agreed. Remember, we still did not have each other's number.

The day came and guess who shows up on time without having even spoken to her on the phone? We chat and have a couple of drinks and she somehow squeezes into the conversation that she didn't have my number. I laugh and blow it off.

The date ends (quite well) and I tell her that we should get together again this week and that she should get in touch with me with the times she was available. She agrees and guess what was in my mailbox the next morning? Her schedule and telephone number.

Look guys, it can be easily done without having her number if you know how to keep her interested. It's an easy way to gage her interest and you come off as in control and not like all the other guys that try anything to get her number.

Be bold, be different, be a DJ! :up: