Review: Brad P.'s 30/30 Club

Oct 26, 2008
Hey guys, this is my first post here, but not my first visit here... I'm somewhat active on the attraction forums... anyway, I thought I give you guys a review of a guy that is still pretty underground as far as the community gurus go: Brad P.

I am currently in the 5th month of Brad P.’s 30/30 club. It has been the most exciting year of my dating/pickup life.

I am currently 26. For 25 years prior - I relied strictly on my social circles and random lucky encounters to meet hot girls. Since joining the club and putting in fairly high level of commitment (over 325 approaches in 5 months) my confidence, approach skills, general social skills, and enthusiasm for life have dramatically improved.

I was able to put able together a small rotation (HB9s+) and built a social circle of hotties in just over a month after moving to a COMPLETELY new city during month 4. That was a dramatic improvement for a kid that relied strictly on looks and friends to help pull girls.

Back in April, I met Brad P. at David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation program. Unlike the other speakers, who were solid dating coaches with awesome advice, Brad P. was a legit pick up artist. He was the only speaker that advocated field experience rather than theory. I have been around the community for only a short period of time (~8 months) – but long enough to be considered a ‘dating expert’ compared to the average guy.

After the seminar, I made the commitment to learn pure, raw, legit PICK UP with a ‘get laid’ skill set from a Pick Up artist. Many programs have good techniques to generate attraction, get numbers, but that does not necessarily produce results. It might be time to upgrade from ‘let me get a female opinion’ to a get laid skill set. The club is conductive to all levels of game and targets the hottest most fun girls.

The first month is identity. The program makes sure we realize and teaches how to communicate our most attractive self. I have directly made important career decisions that will effect the rest of my life. The material keeps the game fun. I have met a lot of great people that have made this journey even more fun.

I met a fair amount of community guys that are dating experts but simply cannot find the social courage to consistently approach. Had I not joined the club, I might have fallen into the keyboard jockey trap. Don’t let this happen to you! If it is you, don't sweat it. The 30/30 club offers a clean slate, regardless of where your game is at.

I hope to see you over there!

Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have ANY questions, especially on the 30/30 forum, I don’t check the other boards too often.


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Sep 15, 2007
Guys...I have to say I backup Dylan because I have joined 30/30. I'm at Month 3 and it is great. unlike most of other workshops which offer magic pill. This is 12-month program which tunes your lifestyle every month.

I have downloaded DonJuan book last year and it had exercises. I never did any of the exercises as I wasn't that self-motivated. BradP program helped me accomplish helped me do the same path with support.

I heard about stylelife and was thinking of enrolling. I hate style and enrolled BradP program. I would have to say BradP is very encouraging. He is not like other guys who wants to make money. He is very dedicated at student's success. I met him at Lair Talk and he is such a genuine person.

I highly recommend the program....I don't recommend anything unless I truly believe it. I would have no problem in saying bad if something SUCKS....This program is good one. I am replying so that people who need help will go to the right person and I am in no way affiliated to BradP.

Have fun guys !!!!!!!!!