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Ashlee Angel

Master Don Juan
Mar 18, 2002
I have been doing some research on cold approaches and women in general for the last four or five months. The way to become a real “DJ” or “Don Juan” is to stay true to you. Don’t try to become something your not IT WON’T WORK. Be true to yourself and who YOU really are. I hate doing cold approaches I think they are awkward it’s just something I hate to do. But if I were out with the guys best believe I will be the first one hollering at the girls. I am generally a shy person since coming to this site has opened me up a lot but there are times I still can get aloof or introverted. When I started trying to become a “DJ”, I use to get mad at myself when I didn’t become the life of the party. Now I could give a damn if I go places and don’t talk to any girls or if I’m not the center of attention. It’s all about making yourself happy nobody else. Remember girls will not complete your life they only will feel a small part of the pie. Until your happy and content with yourself nobody else can make you happy.

Don’t read too much into rules you make your own rules.

I disregard almost every rule “DJ’s” have. If I approach a girl fvck waiting three days to call her. During the pickup I will ask her so what are you doing tonight? I make my own therefore I’m free. When I first walk up to a girl I never shake her hand, I only do that after I get the number. I due recommend using it as an outline until you have enough experience to make your own call. It’s not that hard to get a HB9-9.5, It’s not hard to be a player with five girls. Hooking up with a girls are very easy, all you have to do is set yourself apart from everybody else. Have you seen the guy in the mall with a HB9. He maybe fat, ugly or both, but he has something you don’t. He either has money which means his girl is only with him for one reason, You don’t want a girl like that anyways. Or he has a since of humor. I know you seen the dating shows, internet personals or just women in general. They all say they want I guy with a since of humor, The want a guy who can make them laugh or a guy with a nice personality. If you are ugly or broke or both, please work on your personality. It can be the difference in taking Anne out on Saturday or taking your right hand.
In this silly quest to becoming a true don Juan you must first get to know yourself and love yourself, the women will come.

Examples of how following rules and taking the site too seriously can lead.
I remember the 3 second rule approach a girl and shake her hand and say “hi my name is roman, what’s your name?” The girl would say “ My name is ...”
Then I would say I like your eyes and then that would lead into a dead silence and I would say can I get your number?
That was so wack and boring and a waste of time.
What I do now
If I’m in the hallway or I see a girl walking on campus. I try to get some eye contact If I can’t, I just walk up to them and flat out ask them for there number keep it short and sweet. This works more time than not.
If I do take my time on an approach I am ****y. I can’t let my shyness take over I have to throw it out the window. I’ll walk up to the girl and say “What’s up cutie, my name is Rome” Then they say their name and I ask what are they studying how long they been in school. What kind of car they drive. I’m just relaxed and in cool. Nine chances out of ten I get the number.

Two reasons I am 9 out of 10.
1. I am approaching them like I am looking for a conversation or a friend. Never anything more or less. I don’t come to strong or weak.
2. I AM DOING IT OUT OF FUN. This whole girl and cold approaches should be in fun. If your out picking up girls and your not having fun something wrong.
I’m not going to front I have had my share of rejections, getting laughed at and more. But my without failing many times, I would not be as good as I am.

Being a real don juan is taking control of your own life, being happy with yourself. Hooking up with women should be fun not stressful. Being a real don juan is having good morals and vaules.
I make a bunch of mistakes but I never make the same one twice.
The last step to becoming a true don juan is to put in the work.
I’m not talking about posting 20 times a day or reading every post. I’m talking about going out in the field and approach and fvck up. Get rejected get laughed at. Get some feedback on how you can fix your mistakes and go back and kick ass.
Look at the history of this site, do your research. Look at the Diesel’s, take no dirt, anti dump. All these guys and many more have read the books did the cold approaches. That’s why they are great they have put it in the work.

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Senior Don Juan
Mar 6, 2004
great post Ashlee Angel!!!:D
Feb 9, 2004
Thumbs Up

Thumbs up, great post!
Don’t try to become something your not IT WON’T WORK. Be true to yourself and who YOU really are.
I agree wholeheartedly. The only problem is that people tend to use this as an excuse to stay within their comfort zone. They use it as an excuse not to improve.

So you, my fellow DJ who is reading this, have to ask yourself: Am I not doing cold approaches (or any other selfchallenge) because I don't feel comfortable, because I am afraid to improve? Or: Am I not doing them simply because it is not my style? BecauseI have more succes with other types of approaches even if I can manage to cold approach? If the reason not to cold approach is the latter then you are all right. If it is the former get out to the field you lazy bastard!

Alexis Zorba


Master Don Juan
Aug 5, 2003
Somewhere between the cities of Lost and Found
Being a real don juan is taking control of your own life, being happy with yourself. Hooking up with women should be fun not stressful. Being a real don juan is having good morals and vaules.
You hit the nail on the head.

A sad thing is a lot of people don't seem to realize that. I have to raise my hand when I say that because for the longest time I just wanted girls, girls, girls. Life is so much more.....

Good post.