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Aug 25, 2019
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I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for a pizza to bring it home (I like to deliver my own food).
I was sitting and reading some stuff on my iPhone, then a chick came to me,
She said: Hi,
I said Hello,
She said do you have an iPhone charger?
I said Yes I do
She said can I have it for some moments to charge my phone?
I said yes, the charger is in my house
She said is your house nearby?
Yes I said
She said will you bring it to me?
I said, No I won't, But once my order is ready, go with me and you shall have it.
Then she said, sorry I can't.
It's your call I said.
And it ended here.

I don't know why girls have this feeling that a guy could do anything to them just because they are girls haha