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Punished for "bad" behavior..


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Feb 2, 2022
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So I was banned from my primary selling platform that I had been using since 2016. At the start of this month, my account was placed on hold. I submitted the valid paperwork. I had to submit the information twice. The issue the first time I did not fill it out in their designated format (still the valid information was there). So I submitted the paperwork again.. and waited..they uplifted the hold and asked me to handle any disputes on my account (there weren't any). After informing them no disputes were on my account, they wanted me to submit the paperwork again...for a third time...

I called them nearly 5 times and each time...they told me they needed up to 72 hours to review my form and I just had to wait.

I was upset and decided to jot a quick rant on the forum. After no less than 15 minutes of posting, my account was permanently banned and my rant was deleted.

I called HR and this lady told me their action is final. Nothing I can do. She said "You can still buy on the platform, you cannot sell though (you cant make money off us)!"

I was punished for my "bad" behavior.. Oh well...
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