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Aug 17, 2017
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FYI the ukranian refugee I been seeing has been in the UK for 7 weeks and I’ve secure her a job as receptionist/building manager assistant.

I’ve personally helped people on this forum into employment. Honestly, if anyone reading this is struggling, I own a recruitment company and have 10 years experience, bare minimum I can brush up your CV, anonymise it to the max, I’ll give you a template. This is me giving back. Message me privately. I can get anyone a job if you need one.
I made this post but I think everyone on this forum needs to hear this. I don’t need any names, personal info, completely anonymous.

I am offering career advice, CV formatting, etc, to anyone that wants it. No personal information needed or wanted. I won’t post this again, this is me giving back. I have changed lives over the years and I charge 20-30% of total salary but for anyone reading this, just pm me “I need help” and I’ll start everything for you.
I work with Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, Sony, Walmart, Deutsche Bank… I could go on. If you need employment advice or help, let me know and I’ll do what I can in my free time.

edit: I have a money maker; I use AI to created
Images and I sell Them on Etsy. I used chatgpt to find the most profitable images, created using another art AI program (pm me for
Details), used chatgpt on best way to market it (Etsy, others are available) so I set up an online shop selling my ai generated images, I made £400 in 3 months. Its not much, I don’t really need it, if anyone is in a 3rd world country PM me and I’ll either hand the business over or teach you how to do it.

I planned on sharing the AI hustle months ago but I wanted to make sure it worked and could earn money. Marketing is the hardest part, I studied advertising and marketing at university. Can help set up anyone interested.

These two gifts are all I can spare right now.
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