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Psychedelics and Coronavirus


Senior Don Juan
Feb 22, 2020
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Interesting perspective and food for thought:

“No matter how complex a question I may have, when I take it to psychedelics I always receive an answer. So when the Coronavirus pandemic kicked into high gear, I brought the subject to my trusted mentor Ayahuasca to be illuminated.

In the visionary state, downloads around COVID-19 began pouring in and it all began with the humble teachings of a tiny little insect known as the caterpillar.

Did you know that a caterpillar will consume up to 300 times its body weight per day before entering the cocoon?

I share this fun fact because, as the medicine showed me, we have reached a moment in our human evolution where the clumsy, dense, survival obsessed caterpillar stage of our collective human consciousness must finally stop mindlessly consuming and surrender to the chrysalis, in which everything it has known itself to be dissolves into mush.

Welcome to the “Corona Cocoon.”

Yup. We are in the disintegration stage now where all the magic happens and the next chapter of our human experience can transition into the era of the butterfly; a being that is light, free, empirically exquisite and in service to others (pollinators).

Let me illuminate how this is far more than a nifty metaphor.

Times of crisis bring a tremendous opportunity because there is a “pattern interrupt” to our collective, habitual ways of operating, most of which are heavily anchored in excessive consumerism, distraction and a relationship to productivity so unsustainable it has become violent, both to our own minds, bodies and spirits, as well as to the mind, body and spirit of our Earth.

Which is — surprise surprise — a sentient being as well and has its own consciousness.

The Coronavirus is the great equalizer.

As the pause button on the rat race is pressed and so many things we take for granted suddenly withheld, the opportunity in the apocalypse reveals itself to those who are willing to detach from the panic enough to actually listen to a deeper truth that is emerging from the wreckage.

Before I dive into what that truth is for me (and of course, this is all my perception and by no means empirical fact), I must first share the fundamental framework of my lens on reality, so the following statements have context.

In the arena of personal development — an industry which I am very much a part of — there is a term called “shadow work” that is very important to understand.


The baseline world view here is that everything in our reality exists because of a complex interplay between light and shadow, thus creating a vast field of polarity in which consciousness can manifest itself. Through an esoteric lens this interplay is captured by the Ying Yang symbol, which exemplifies that each polarity contains within it a speck of its opposite. From a quantum physics perspective we can explain the same phenomenon through the language of vibration, of frequency. We can measure the amount of light particles contained within each frequency. The “lighter” or “higher” the frequency, the faster the oscillation, the more information or light is contained within it. The “darker” or “denser” the frequency, the slower the oscillation, the less light is contained within it. While we in our culture have generally deemed the light to be “good” and the shadow “evil” (just watch any Hollywood movie ever, it’s always about “good vs evil”), neither are actually superior or inferior, they are simply expressions of duality itself and give birth to the very nature of our human existence. Yet our judgment of these forces — which exist on the macro-level of the Universe as well the micro-level within each individual human being — has condemned the shadow to such a degree that it has become repressed, and therefore dangerous — for any force that is repressed long enough will eventually erupt — like a geyser under pressure — with equal intensity to restore balance. “Shadow work” is the voluntary examination of one’s own internal darkness, or — to put it in more psychological terms — the excavation of our subconscious — which lacks the light of our conscious awareness and is therefore hidden from view.

Most human beings on the planet have no concept of “shadow work,” and even those who do may not have the courage to voluntarily look into the dark crevices of their own psyche. Repressed traumas, inherited fear programs, undigested pain and all sorts of other disturbing and uncomfortable revelations lie buried there, represented by the metaphorical “boogie man” of our collective human unconsciousness.

And yet — no matter how much we ignore, reject and deny the shadow — it never disappears. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The very fear that keeps us from looking at it, is the same fear that feeds it.“

The insightful article continues, highly recommend to read the rest:

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Master Don Juan
Jun 9, 2019
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Interesting read. I finished the article, I then checked out their Instagram and read through their website. What's interesting about reading anything anyone writes is that's it's an expression of their thoughts, a very personal and vulnerable exercise.

They offer a service to the world, this helping of people to find and scale their 'second mountain'. Their target audience is the 0.01%, and they make it very clear that they mean the 0.01% of the richest people on earth. They offer the service with the 'free will investment' model, but don't dive into the detail very much. They offer a 6 month journey with what sounds like at least 4 drug filled retreats and some phone coaching.

While the writing is colorful I found some inconsistencies. I won't go into detail unless asked, but it was enough for my skepticism to grow. And it continued to grow the more I learned. Let's put this in simple terms. A colorful article is written with very bold statements referencing very ubiquitous human concepts. The article is full of tangents, extremes, and is not grounded in science at all. The person who wrote the article is offering an enlightening service free of charge, but he's only offering it to people with more money than most nations. And conveniently enough the model he's teaching is 'giving back'. I watched an interview they gave, and while they struggle to express themselves the concepts they talk about are the same. Feeling hollow, second mountain, true fulfillment offering. While I hate to say it, this wreaks of snake oil.

Maybe they're genuinely trying to make the world a better place by making the richest people more worldly through controlled psychedelic experiences, but I can't help but feel they have no idea what they're doing.

I also take psychedelics for very serious introspective sessions and while I'd also love to be a shaman my experiences humble me to all hell. It's scientific fact that psychedelics increase neural connections associated with self awareness, but they also open Pandora's box. In some capacity our limited knowledge of the universe and reality sustains our sanity. You can very easily lose this sense of sanity and quite literally go mad.

Besides, if the super rich wanted to play with nature's sharpest double-edged sword they can do so on their own under much better conditions. This man with a net worth of $200 million is a dime a dozen to them. Think about it, if you create a multi billion dollar empire, what could someone that makes far far less teach you about business? What could they teach you about managing billions? Or being more fulfilled? What could they offer that you couldn't obtain a more refined version of? The answer is nothing because you can have the best.

The only thing you can teach someone more intelligent and successful than yourself is how to teach you and be patient with your ignorance.

What I see here is a couple that are themselves unfulfilled in some capacity, and projecting that narrative out into the world, desperately hoping to network with the elite. I see a horrible lawsuit or tragedy waiting to happen. You want to give mind altering drugs to the most powerful people on the planet? What kind of shepherd are you for them? In what court will your system of enlightenment hold up if something were to happen?

If you're going to claim to be enlightened and offer enlightenment then I expect a very long and detailed manifesto of your philosophy and practices, not a resource page of links to self help books and Forbes articles. Otherwise you're just a drug dealer, and I have much more convenient methods for procuring that.

Their writings are too much fluff, not enough substance.

This has become a rant... And not a very positive one!

Of course I'm projecting my narrative by being so skeptical of them. The biggest tell in my eyes is their restriction to only serve the elite, I find that very disturbing. I obviously only express my opinion, but I like to think my brain is working well. I would love nothing more than to be convinced other than my conclusion above.
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