Proper way of setting goals


Don Juan
Dec 9, 2018
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With the new year coming up, most people are preparing for the clean slate that the new year brings-myself included.
I've always been into setting goals, but I don't believe I'm doing it in the most efficient manner that holds myself accountable.

My goal setting process that I've followed for as long as I can remember is setting them month to month. I never was really into the Year or longer goals, probably because they scare me seeing them on paper (example: approach 1000 girls for the year). I feel like month by month gives me a short window & forces my hand into making things happen.

I set some time aside to write my goals for January & came up with the following:
-Apply & land a new job at another gym
-No hospital admissions for my lungs
-Put on 3-5lbs (I'm bulking but don't want to get too sloppy with it, so I feel this weight would be doable without being a porker lol)
-Be more social: start talking to random people in public, talk to girls, try & get numbers
-Read 2-3 books
-Write & edit a few chapters of my book (make sure to work on some writing daily)
-Limit myself to fapping only once a week so my energy levels remain nice & high/ remain aggressive

Typically that would be the extent of my goal setting, but I'm thinking maybe chopping it into even smaller bits would make the goals a bit more digestible/easier to make a checklist for everyday

How do you guys set your goals up? What can I improve on with my goal setting formula?

Wishing everyone a productive & take no prisoners 2019


Master Don Juan
Dec 20, 2014
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A long term goal is nothing but hundreds of small term goals leveraged to your advantage. Just takes some planning, monitoring and flexibility and you will reap the rewards if you can already stick to the short term goals.