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Prison Are Revealing Covid-19 Facts


Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2008
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Colorado Panhandle
Cuomo noted yesterday that 2/3 of hospitalized cases in New York were people who were sheltering in place at home. He had expected most to be essential workers. So case in point.

I wonder how many of those people really understood the principles involved with isolation however.
Even if you're only going out to get groceries, NYC is a petri dish. A lot of walkups, and I imagine old people need to use the railings on staircases. The interiors of these old buildings have poor ventilation. And New Yorkers are so impatient, I can't see them riding an elevator one at a time, especially since residence buildings with elevators are usually huge with tons of people.

I can see how easily it would be spread in NYC even if everyone followed the rules. Mix in the subway and it's a lost cause. In other more spread out areas, sheltering in place probably works a lot better than nothing.


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Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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Evidence continues to support reopening
I wouldn't trust a site like that. That said, there have been indications that a lot of folks have already gotten it, just not really bad, which would make the overall morbidity low. If we had a calm, cool man in the White House, we could have a rational discussion, but instead we have a big boob there.