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Part 2: Murder, getting cucked by my best friend, testosterone and how red pill reinvigorated my marriage

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Don Juan
Sep 18, 2022
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My wife came from a household where a man in the household killed a man in cold blood for questioning his daughter’s chastity. The murder was committed in another country – he did 5 years in prison and came over to the states. Most men in the area I grew up in knew there could be grave consequences from messing with a girl from this ethnic background. An ass beating from her brothers, and potentially death. This happens its no joke.
On the note of moral integrity, it should be mentioned that my wife reportedly has had sex only with me. Reportedly she is only kissed two other men. Now I accept this may not be true, but at the very least I would expect her body count to be low. Because I took her virginity, I definitely could tell she was completely inexperienced when we first became intimate. Also, her sister made it clear to her that she felt it was wrong that she slept with me prior to marriage. In addition she comes from a very traditional very religious household. Dating of any kind was strictly prohibited. If she could not say she was a virgin, she would be unmarriageable to a man in her ethnic community. She was always living in a house with her parents. She had a strict curfew even in to her mid 20s. + I locked her down at 19 and therefore she was always dating me. Doesn’t mean she didn’t cheat – but she never was not in a relationship with me. I was not introduced to the family until I was ready to propose marriage. The fact that I was not from her ethnic background was a big bone of contention with her family. Going into the relationship, she said she did not want to marry a man from her ethnic background. Because it would mean complete submission to her husband. The girls she hung around with were also from very strict ethnic backgrounds and sleeping around was not an option. Everyone around her married men from their ethnic background. Her sister for example had only been with one man prior to marriage – and that was because she was single far longer than my wife + I more or less committed to my wife when she was 19 and I too refrained from all other women. Coming into the relationship – I did have a body count of 10+. Because of that I knew what I had in her, a very special girl with high integrity that would not cheat – physically at least. – Also she is very very tidy – another rule of sharpe that points to integrity.
But there are a couple problems with a girl I perceived as having high moral integrity. I put her on a pedestal – which is a huge mistake
  • She put herself on a pedestal – allowing her to engage in cheating behavior with other men because of course in her mind she wasn’t like that, she was innocent and she would never do that. But now I realize she is just a WOMAN like all others – and I permitted/she could have the attitude she could do no wrong – but she certainly did injure my pride.
  • I committed to a girl knowing that there could be retribution, which took bravery on my part which was not appreciated at all. Because she took the same risk of being ostracized from her family, which happened all the time. A risk I appreciate. But that doesn't absolve her of appreciating what I did for her.
  • Based on everything above she thought she was special and she thought I was just another guy.

Back To Steve

So my wife and I are now married. My wife “hated” Steve aka wanted to **** him. But she also talked about how her female cousins found him so attractive aka she found him so attractive. I had convinced her to forgive him of the mean things he said in the past. Because I was close friends and I wanted to go to Vegas with him. At this point in my life, I had a new job, lived in a new city with no friends and was married to a woman who was very mean to me. I was also overweight. I wasn't in a good place in my life. When I went to Vegas with Steve, he paid for everything. I got a free room meals etc etc. Now mind you this was a guys trip my wife wasn't there. But I put myself in a position I now realize that I was being submissive to Steve and I'm sure that affected the dynamic when my wife was around. The first time I realized that something was truly a miss was when my wife and I visited Steve at his very expensive house in a nice neighborhood. Mind you I'm overweight and he's very successful and charming/domineering. I've also put myself into a submissive role with him. My wife asked for a tour of the house and I had already seen the house so I said go ahead without me. Steve even asked twice if I wanted to come. But I was lazy and not being territorial So I paid the price for not being territorial. I now had to relive that moment for the next 10+ years of my marriage. My imagination ran wild. If it was another girl - they totally could have hooked up for five minutes. Instinctively I knew that stuff can happen even if it's your best friend and even if it's your wife. Now we're both of their imaginations running wild and was there sexual tension. I put money on that. I don't think she did, because she's just not that confident with sex. And I hope she's just a good girl. But this goes back to what I'm saying is a woman can put a man in a cuck position without actually cheating. I was the third wheel – she looked at him with admiration she never had for me. When we left she embraced him and kissed him on the cheek with the enthusiasm of a woman in lust. I looked at it and thought how unfair is life. When we got in the car I called it out to her. I was mad. And she dismissed it and laughed it off. Mind you, with me she says she doesn't like public displays of affection. Again this wounds my pride, I saw another man getting the kind of attention from my wife that I never got. I vowed to never let that mistake happen again.
She tried to convince me there was nothing going on -it just happened – it was like it was her uncle. She kisses her uncles it is social convention in her community. I knew better – it’s the same as a girl slipping and falling on a ****. She’ll say it just happened or more likely completely deny it.
And a big part of this is likely she did not cheat, although it's possible, but I as a man failed because I put her in a position to cheat
The next year, Steve came over to our house, for Christmas. he'd done it several times. He brings nice gifts for my family. He takes over the social scene with his big personality. He's the big man on campus, I'm submissive and even my family looks up to him with admiration. Admiration not coming my way, because now I live in another city with a new stressful job, an even more difficult wife than before because we just had a kid and she was suffering from postpartum depression which was taken out on me. I'm overweight not confident and just in a bad place emotionally. Steve invites my wife and I to go for a walk to smoke a joint. Throughout the walk my wife is obviously looking at him stary eyed And I'm just the third wheel if anything getting in her way of being with Steve. Steve was about to get married. What I didn't know at the time was he was a swinger and his marriage would fall apart in six months because of it. I heard the rumors but Steve was my best friend so I dismissed it as slander. He turned to my wife during the walk and asked her, it was kind of directed to us both, but I would say it was asked to her STEVE SAIDhow do you have sex with just one person the rest of your life?” My wife responded with the nervousness and the eagerness of a girl strongly attracted to a man she blurted out “Sex is not important to me.” She laughed and said “It's no big deal”
  • She then tried to explain it was because of her upbringing and that it wasn’t all a marriage was about. But to me, rightfully so, I viewed the situation as Steve and my wife emasculating and humiliating me together. Flash forward 8 years. Steve is now openly trying to sleep with all of his friends wives. He is openly involved in cucking. As in having men to his house who then watch him **** their wives. His wife participates – but cucking other men is a big part of it. As in a lot of these men can’t perform and they just watch. He has also double penetrated his wife with another man. He's a full blown swinger. His live revolves around it and he is destroying his life, his wife’s life and im sure other peoples marriages. He is openly trying to get the wives of his close friends, who are not swingers, to sleep with him. the point being I felt that my wife responding that way was completely out of line. But I gave my friend the benefit of the doubt that he was asking a question without ill intent. Looking back at this - I'm pretty damn sure he was grooming me and my wife. I put myself in the submissive role. He was a higher value man. I was completely off my game and no longer attractive to my wife. And my best friend most likely was trying to groom us and **** my wife literally infront of me. to add injury to insult Steve had recently asked me about our sex life, I responded “our sex life keeps getting better and better.” Obviously I was wrong – my wife hadn’t been attracted to me in a very long time. In hindsight I went into marriage and she hadn’t been attracted for years prior to our marriage.