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Our decision-making talents


Senior Don Juan
Feb 21, 2001
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The Sixth Sense.

Most people claim that women have some paranormal power called "Female Instinct."
What people don't know is that men also have a power.Not so paranormal.It's nature lies in emotions.I guess it's because we men are more emotional than women.Why else would we be the ones who happen to fall in love first while the woman is rationally deciding if she will continue with us ?

What am I talking about ?

Our gut.The feeling we have in our stomachs.

What feels wrong is most likely WRONG ? Follow your gut.The rest of the article is just to make it longer.

So if you don't have time to read the whole article here is the summary:

"Follow your gut.It's always right."

tested by me)
…If I uncover too many things about myself in a conversation and do all the talking myself I feel uncomfortable.Why ?The more people know about you the less interesting you are.
…If I say "I love you" I feel uncomfortable.Why ? Again I've exposed myself.Women should know by my actions that I love them.
…If I'm too nice and tolerate everything I feel uncomfortable.Why ? They'll do it again if they learn that I'm a too nice guy who accepts everyting and doesn't protest.I won't be able stop them beyond a certain point.
…If I focus on one girl I feel uncomfortable.Why ? The part of my brain that is billions of years old tells me I'm a fertile too-eager-to-donate-sperm male.So I have to see and shag more girls to have many children so that my genes survive many generations. (the brain doesn't know I use condoms)
…If I'm not so confident at times I feel uncomfortable.Why ? I'm the man, the hunter.There is much competition out there so I have to be confident for like 99.9% of the time to get the food first.In these times we hunt for the love of women and not food.
…If I stand in the shadows of other guys more than they stand in mine I feel uncomfortable.I want to get to the girl first.I want other men to look up to me.Women should look up to me too.I want to be the leader in flirting.I want to be the Alpha Male (thank you Red-xL for giving it a name.)
…If don't follow my gut I feel uncomfortable.
…If I eat too much I feel uncomfortable.But that is a natural thing and the solution is not to eat that much.

…I feel comfortable when I'm a LITTLE rude.People oppose me less when I'm rude.I guess they see me as a confident guy when I'm a little rude sometimes.You wouldn't believe what they do for you when you are rude sometimes.They'll do everything.(I work in a bar (16-27 years old on fridays and 25-60 years old on saturdays).I have to push people aside when I'm carrying a plate full with drinks.They can't hear (I say sorry or pardon sometimes) me so they must feel me.The price is being rude a little.But they look up to you because you just go trough the crowd.Unstoppable toward your goal.I've tried this in other places where I don't work and it's the same story.When people don't hear me or can't feel me however I just look them in the eye and they go out of my way (this works even when I'm in walking in the middle of an empty square when there is enough space.) I've said this before in my article about confidence (I'm "foxmulder" but I've changed my name into "stockholder" to keep my Napster-name going.) about looking people in the eye.They just can't handle it like I do (takes a lot of practice but pays off like nothing else.)
…I feel comfortable around beautiful women because (I've gotten used to being among beautiful women for years and) again… the guys look up to you when they see how relaxed you are around them.So do the women themselves because they're not used to it.They obviously know they're beautiful but because you are not drooling when you are with them like most guys they see that you are a man like they haven't seen before.A real challenge.Would we do anything if it wasn't a challenge some way or another ? No. Same with eating.Every time you eat it's like you're doing it for the first time in your life.If that feeling (the challenge) is gone you won't eat.Very simple.
…I feel comfortable after I've taken a risk.Why ? You know "the feeling" after the thrill caused by the risk? It's the best drug (although I don't have experience with drugs) in the universe.
…I feel comfortable when I follow my gut.Because it's ALWAYS right.

But hey now my gut tells me "Don't take a risk!You have this uncomfortable feeling in your tummy."
There is a "gut rule" which has a much higher priority than this that says "If I don't take risks I stop existing"(For the absolute idiots; This is supposed to be what the gut thinks.)

"Always keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer !" (Deep Throat, The X-Files)

"When a man is tired of London he's tired of life." (some English writer)

"Ich bin ein Berliner !" (John F. Kennedy)

"E=mc^2" (Albert Einstein)

"Every lady has her own charms." (Montgomery Scott)