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One thing you KNOW you know about women


Jul 13, 2008
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The United State of Texas
What's up guys.

Recently I've been reading the book of Pook and it's abosolutely amazing.
There's a lot of wisdom in there,and as I was reading,a thought just occured to me. There are lot of posts,threads,and articles here on Sosuave to help us improve as men,and as a byproduct,we will in turn be more successful in the dating arena. Everyone here has had some sort of experience with women,be it boyfriend/girlfriend,being engaged,being married,getting LJBF'ed,getting dumped,etc. The last time I checked,there were over 41,000 members here.
That's a LOT of knowledge to be shared between everyone.

So as the title says,I'd like you guys to share one thing you KNOW that you know about women. One thing that you know without a shadow of a doubt,one thing that no one,here or anywhere else can convince you that isn't true. One thing that you've ran into enough times that whenever you approach,or even think about approaching a girl,this thing pops into you mind.

As for me,one thing I KNOW for certain is this: To women,the most important thing is their emotions. Period. I honestly believe that to women,them feeling chemistry is more important than a man's character/integrity. A woman would rather be with a guy who's exciting than a guy who's faithful. I truely believe that. Imo,their emotions trumps everything,a guy's looks,money,status,(yes,I said status). I believe that if you can make a woman feel passion,fire,and chemistry,this will even override her marriage vows.

Anyway,that's one thing I know and believe about women.

What are some things you guys KNOW that you know?


Master Don Juan
Sep 4, 2007
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Woman respond best to an inconsistent interest level. Your interest in her should have peaks and plunges, it should never flat-line.


Senior Don Juan
Oct 8, 2008
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Follow your bliss
I believe you are right about women thinking with their feelings. DonGorgon's sig has this too.

I'd like to add onto your point that they feel you before you even say a word. They also feel when how you feel changes. As such the greatest way I believe to gain success with women is first to gain success with yourself. The definition of success with self differs from person to person but one thing definitely remains common between those that understand its meaning - feeling the best you can. I did an experiment one day where I laughed the whole way home. I started laughing about nothing, in fact I didn't even start it as an experiment, I was saying "Yup" to myself over and over really fast and it started to sound like laughter so I went along with it. Anyway, after about an hour of walking and laughing, all it took was a big toothy grin at a girl and she would burst out laughing, without saying a word I had about 5 girls that came up to me - some of which came up out of the blue, and just told me I was funny. Then I smiled and they laughed so hard. Nothing even said. That is the power of how you feel over how they feel.

You can control women with your emotions - but words are so imperfect, you do not control them so much as take them to a place they willingly go and will not leave because of how great it feels.

Great thread idea, I hope it gets stickied.

One love


Don Juan
Mar 6, 2007
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If you want to test to see if she is interested / if you can close with ease. Get the conversation at a really high emotional peak. Then appear uninterested, let it die.

See if she tries to spark up the conversation with you. If she does, your so closing her.. she is working for you.. and you maintained your trophy status.