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Oh you guys are gunna love this...


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May 31, 2020
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She's 55, but she looks good.
Who is 55? The woman with the Bumble profile is the first post was 49 last year when this thread started. She has likely turned 50 since this thread started.

Her wish to have children can be solved easily. She can adopt a kid and wnd life being a mother.
That can happen. She would be a 50 year old with some child under 18. If she adopts at 50, she's likely not done with having a child under 18 in the home until somewhere between 60-65. That's difficult under any circumstances. Most men in her potential dating pool would want their woman to either have children 18+ or never have had children at all. The typical 55 year old doesn't want a girlfriend who still has a minor at home. With that said, men are thirsty. Men will often settle for some not so good situation. A 50 year old dermatologist with a 5 year old adopted child will still have beta males interested.

We also don't know if she's found a relationship since this post happened. She's had plenty of time to do it.

This thread proves what I've been saying all along; women now KNOW how to push the wall back. There are formulas how to increase/manintain their looks so they'll look fresh up untill their sixties. And thats the thing we must learn from! How to maintain your smv as long as possible. Anything goes. Surgery, top level fitness, ect.

Women in their 50's are no longer grandmothers that are ready to die. Nah, 50 is the new 30, and that's a great thing gentlemen.
There is a subset of 35-54 year old women who are doing well at limiting the effects of "the wall". These are usually upper middle class + women.

A member like @SW15 has done plenty of approaches. Perhaps so much he's burned out for now. But imo he was on the right path all along.
Approaching strangers is a better option than swiping or sending DMs if a man lacks a social circle.