Observations from the last fortnight


Master Don Juan
Aug 10, 2017
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Ive been observing a lot recently , ive been going part time MGTOW whilst i work on self preservation, and have gone back into plates this last two weeks

the reason i bring these up is because i literally cant believe how quick society has been indocrinated etc bare in mind im only 36, when i left school social stigmas were still rife and the local slut was the local slut...... boys were also boys

1) i cant believe how much cok your average women is taking , even women that show high value are secretly taking 2-4 coks per month

2) Films at the cinema and films due out.......3/4 have a female lead and the men are always goofy motherfcukers with no logical brain whatsoever,

3) all british television is heavily influenced with a massive ratio of females and the male presenter is always a nob....no positive male news whatsoever, just that weve raped a woman or something caveman esque

4) single moms posting on fb what a great husband their son is going to make, then all women agreeing in the comments....yet the little lad is pictured doing housework etc, exactly the things they should be teaching there little daughter, but you dont see any little daughters doing Motherly stuff......so much cognitive disonance its unreal...

5) ive added 2 plates this week and 4 others have put themselves in my orbit shortly after, this is the strangest female phenomenon i will never figure out

anyway just observations....evening
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