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Nothing quite like a great workout


Oct 3, 2020
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Most things you work for such as short term goals, long term goals, you get little increments of accomplishment that spur your motivation and give you that reward feeling that comes from the dopamine you get from doing them.

But nothing quite compares to the work you put in during a great workout. You don't really get any instant gratification from it in terms of reward pleasure, but it's the strenuousness of it that is the reward itself. Knowing that you are putting in hard work to get results over time. The reward you do get from the great workout is in terms of the endorphin high you get afterwards.

I know many of you know the feeling, of your blood pumping, sweat dripping down your forehead, veins and vessels enlarged, endorphins pumping.
For some an added benefit is just the feeling you get when you notice all the eyes staring at you, admiring your physique and or work ethic.