NJ Master Mind Group


Don Juan
Apr 22, 2008
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Fellow NJ Djs, et al,

The deeper you dive into the whole concept of self improvement in dating and any other areas of life, the more relevant it will become to you that a support, reference group, of like minded individuals is key to success.

A quick search revealed that no such group existed, publicly at least on these forums for our state Jersey.

Lets make one!

A group that could help you with advice and support from different point of views but with the same outlook/vision as yours. Imagine the benefit of having real people you can meet up and talk about the concepts learned here and elsewhere. Folks far ahead and behind you that can mentor you, or be mentored by you. People who meet not just to "hang out" but with a meaning and purpose that you suggest/approve. I can't count all the benefits of being in such group if one existed. A win-win situation all around.

PM me if interested.

--I'll always be interested to be part of such group, regardless of my marital status. :p So if you know of one PM me too.

--Excuse the excitement, just finished reading B. Franklin's Autobiography where this concept is stressed vigorously.