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Don Juan
Apr 19, 2002
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I apologise to Allen and Drew for emailing you both, I wasnt aware of the suggestions forum.

anyway without repeating myself too much, here is some of the post I put forth as a posssible addition to help curb unneccessary annoying posts.

I can write up a new version for you, this stuff is just first draft:

found here:
Hey moderators, can an article be created for the DJ bible, or this site, based on this idea, I mean an article or link, that can address the newbie/afc/anti-dj person, and give them the lowdown straight away before they start annoying everyone. I guess you think it would be better to let them go as "some of the best replies" are generated. hhhmm I half agree. If that is so, then giving them an "intro/diffuser" article will then generate even better responses from them which will then refine the other peoples responses even better.IT IS SORELY NEEDED. A direct link that can be given to anyone who comes on here, posting crap and pissing everyone off.
Along these lines:
"So, youve come across this forum and you disagree with it, well before you go on to post your objections, your idea of how it all works, and your little formula for success, -be aware that there may be a lot of new information here that you have never come across, and that the idea of this forum is for you to benefit from this knowledge and subsequently improve yourself. Many people just like you, have come here with the same old tired arguments about how this stuff doesnt really work and that there is no formula for success with women and you are entitled to your opinions. HOWEVER , how much success have you had so far? and why did you bother to come here? My guess is to improve your skills and ability to seduce/attract women to you, and that my friend is what this forum is all about. ALTHOUGH CRITICISM AND ARGUMENT IS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED, please dont waste yours and others time by posting messages espousing your ideas without knowing at least some of the information and knowledge contained within the DJ bible, so that you can at least participate on a level that shows you are interested and committed to learning and using this knowledge. Other users here are more than happy to share hints and ideas, and listen to your stories, however, repeatedly posting with a clear lack of interest in this knowledge will only end up wasting everyones time, including yours."

something like that anyway



-a disclaimer that the author of the post is "not into all this seduction stuff" and that it "doesnt work".

-A fixed belief and/or attitude about "The Reality"/"cold hard facts"/"truth"/"bottom line" of dating, seduction and approaching women.

-A story or set of references to back up this fixed perception, usually containing several direct violations of "rules" found in the DJ bible.

-A statement about the authors integrity (smugness) , good looks and well developed "self" in one way or another.

-A specific statement on how "this DJ stuff d doesnt work" "there is no formula" "no lines" "no recipe for success" (maybe a reference to either "luck" or "fate" being the crux of it all).

-A total 180 degree contradiction by then prescibing the authors own "way" "approach to it all" "recipe" "formula" etc THUS contradicting their earlier belief about the forum itself by posting information that maybe useful to others .

-keeping an attributional style of: 1) external over internal (change and success is not within them). 2) Stable over Unstable (they beleive thier experience is fixed and not changeable- as stated earlier) 3) Global vs Specific (not understanding that making small changes influences the bigger picture)

-invariably posting annoying, petty , tit-for-tat messages to other forum users without any specific useful outcome or direction.